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Letters to Trump 2020

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I've written the first letter to White House, in order to add courage to Mr. Trump in his righteous fight against the Corruption and Fraud, also because there really was written "Fraud" on the Sun on the morning after the election night:
2020-11-13 03:45 CEST (UTC+2)
About Mr. Trump and Pence writes Revelation 11

Rev 11:4
These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.

There are no other figures in pair here, with the attributes described there. And the 24 "elders" (or rather 24th Age) are ready to depart, The Time Has Come.

When the judeo-bolshevik AP agency prematurely declared US election winner on anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, without all states counted and with multiple states already heading for recount and lawsuits, they also inadvertently stroke this verse in the Book of Revelation:

Rev 11:7
And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

A Political Slaughter by a Treason and Fraud.

Now expecting, if the three-and-half days are meant literally, that on 2020-11-11 they would stand up strongly, but the delay may be a metaphor and it may take longer:

Rev 11:11
And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet, and great fear fell upon them which saw them.

Then the Book writes about an "Earthquake", and about 7000 victims. I hope it will be a "Political Earthquake" and the victims would be jailed and not slain, but it would not be much pity either way, since they'll reap, what they deserve.

The other possible outcome, that the Fraud wins, would be much darker for everyone, both in USA and Worldwide. I hope and pray that the Justice and Truth will win.

See this: https://pi-alpha.org/Trump_2020
The Sun votes for Trump

See this: https://pi-alpha.org/SC25.pdf
to understand, why I think I AM entitled to state it such.

Please, stand up boldly, it's few days overdue already. The Tweets are not enough. We the Christians of the World need a protection against godless bolsheviks, from Fakenews Media to BigTech and Pharmacists.

(Will anyone email me?)

God bless you.
Then there was this: "Too long" or possibly "Too long, DoJ"...
And the expected Process against the Fraud was really taking too long...
2020-12-02 03:00 CEST (UTC+2)
The day before and on Thanksgiving, there has been written on the Sun "Too long", followed two days later on 2020-11-28 by letters "DoJ",
(but that could also be "AJ", as it occurred just at the time of a Birthday Party of a major Living Saint named AJ here in Europe, who you do not know...),
and so I waited few days more, if the sentence would continue somehow...

By my opinion it means, that the expected Justice and Quake against the perpetrators of the US election fraud crime is taking "Too long" ?
(But We understand, that it takes some time to prepare for the Processes...)
(And I know You rather cannot act on supposed inscriptions on the Sun, just take notice, that The God Knows...)

I'm writing this, since the original of Revelation 11:11 about Mr. Trump then saying "μετα τας τρει σημερας και ημισυ" could also be interpreted another way, than was usually translated, and I will write possibly another time, when there is something appropriate...

Consider also, that 13:18 also probably relates to vaccination patents and IDs, then 16:2 describes possible consequences, and then the following chapters may describe the final outcome, where in 19:20 "καιομενην εν τω θειω" "en to theio" doesn't have to mean "sulfur", as was translated...
Please better do not be on the Wrong side of History...
(Since I suspect, that the Election Fraud prosecution is delayed, so that Warp Speed Treason starts first...? It may not be wise to hesitate with the Election Fraud Solution too long...)

Best regards,
and God Bless you,
and have a Good Luck
during what is coming...

Then I noticed, that there was written TRUMP again on the Sun, underscored by the flare... Thinking about writing the third letter at evening - but that would start the Quake?
In the morning, one of my cats has written by walking on the keyboard to send the 3rd comment to Trump:
So I've sent it without waiting, if the sentence would continue...
2020-12-09 11:11 CEST (UTC+2)
There has again been written TRUMP on the Sun between 2020-12-05 and 2020-12-07, with the letter P underscored by a major flare (eruption)...
(larger version of the image is in the folder beside...)
(While still not sure, if the sentence would continue somehow?)
(There have been other inscriptions on Sun meanwhile, both in Corona holes and in Magnetic field, and it's not a hoax, and it's not some petty "sci-fi" aliens, as some would like to claim...)

I'm writing this also because " μετα τας τρι σημερας και ημισυ " prophecy of Revelation 11:11 can be interpreted such, that I should write you three times...
(While knowing the Rumors of preparations and lawsuits, knowing that the time is near anyway without this writing...)

The text in the Book of Revelation about Mr. Trump and Pence in chapter 11 is there also to suggest the due proportions, that You are vindicated and expected to cause a havoc with four or five digit casualties, while You are not vindicated or expected to cause a havoc with six or seven digit casualties - please stay in good proportions, while fulfilling Your most important promise, which was "DRAIN THE SWAMP" - and Now is the best opportunity for that...

Not only American people, but the whole world is watching and hoping the permanent lies and wrong-doing of Deep State and Fake News Media could be remedied...

Let's do things in order and let's settle the "Mark of the Beast" vaccination issue later... (Rev13, Rev14:9-11, Rev16:2, Rev22:15, ...)

Best regards, God bless you, and have a good luck during what is coming...

P.A.Semi - πα½ - πιστος και αληθινος one of two, The Lamb of God and Son of Man...
And the sentence did continue...
This time I've avoided adding the note about vaccination, which makes it only a half of previous messages, which all combined both the Fraud of Rev11 and the Mark of the Beast of Rev13...
(It was already after the SCOTUS rejected the Texas lawsuit, either due to corruption, or rather due to some serious blackmail ?)

The three-and-half letter had to be further abbreviated due to technical limit on message length.
2020-12-13 10:45? CEST (or 08:44 UTC ?)
I've sent last message too early, while noting the sentence on the Sun may continue:

As there was written between 2020-12-05..07 TRUMP on the Sun in Corona, with the letter P underscored by a huge flare, that flare shown letters SUE.
Since it may not be obvious enough and since I didn't mention that, there has been written again SUE even underlined, on Friday morning 2020-12-11 (ie. before SCOTUS betrayed the law. I rather suspect blackmail than corruption in that)
There may have been written ZION in magnetic field just after that flare showing SUE on 2020-12-08, with the letter N not much clear, perhaps rather some Chinese character instead? (You probably know well, who the Enemies are.)
(I don't know even today, if the sentence on the Sun will continue somehow, but Time of EC is approaching near and I can't wait now)


They've picked up few Chinese spies here and there and they're claiming, that it's all fault of China?
While overlooking the obvious Elephant in the Room of huge Jewish influence in this Fraud.
China printed 5M ballots, but (((someone))) had to order them.
China is obviously the Enemy, but there are Traitors inside your Gates, which is even worse.
And worst of all are Lying MassMedia and Censoring BigTech companies - that's probably worst part of that Rigging.

But if all choices of fair trial will be exhausted, what then? Time will come to swap Justice and Strength again.

We the People of the World rely upon you, Mr. Trump, being the Dam against their NWO global communism, please defend us and yourself however possible.
φωνην μεγαλην εκ του ουρανου - Stand Up to Lead the Fight, Drain The Swamp - as it is really due and it seems like the best or even the last chance. The Multitude of People is supporting you.

(Side-note: you could guess, why this is just a half-message after the third one.)

God bless you.

I didn't plan to send three and half messages originally, but the circumstances happened such...
And the main purpose of this writing was to vindicate the expected mess at least in the eyes of some, who would not understand it's obvious need otherwise...

2020-12-13 πα½