πα½ B ^
ID: 13245008
Trinity commented on this gab
Here's a Wikipedia page that lists failed End Times predictions: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dates_predicted_for_apocalyptic_events

In the 21st century, there has been an average of about one failed date per year, from people including John Hagee and Pat Robertson. In the 1990s, there was an average of about two failed dates per year. Even though the list doesn't reflect it, End Times hysteria was the highest in the 1980s.

This list also doesn't reflect the imminent End Times teaching from practically all Dispensationalists that Jesus could come any time now, even though Jesus has never come imminently in the past as they predicted. The only thing fake Christians learn from failed dates is not to give specific dates.

If you believe these are the End Times, then you don't believe the Bible! And, you're incredibly stupid to think you're on to something all your fellow fake Christians were wrong about.

ID: 10773720


2 Timothy 3:1-5
But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

is that happening now.. or not..?

Matthew 24:44
Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect

so you are actually leading people astray turtle..
but trying to get them to ignore the signs...

2 Peter 3:3-4
Knowing this first of all, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires. They will say, “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.

new name for turtle..?
a scoffer...
as by your fruit.. you are known.

Matthew 24:42
Therefore, stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.

so stop pretending you do.

everyone must live like Christ is coming TODAY.

you grok that sinner..?

ID: 28247967
@Trinity Welcome...

Jesus Christ our Lord, Son of God, will not come this time in the body, see J16:10 - "Of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and you'll see me no more".
This time, the Son of Man came...

And since Jesus Christ is ΑΩ - alpha and omega, the Beginning and the End, I'm telling you, that the End of Time is in Infinity...

Now it is only a Middle, and yes, the Revelation Times are here... (To be more specific, about Trump & Pence writes Revelation 11 - because the 24 "elders" or rather 24th age are ready to depart, the Time Has Come...)

And I agree with you, that everyone should live, like if the Christ is present ALWAYS...

ID: 17643880
@40AcresandaPrayer @Tertul

Tertullus [Tûrtŭl'lus]—derived from Tertius, and meaning, liar or impostor. A Roman advocate employed by the Jewish authorities to prosecute Paul before Felix, the Roman Governor or Procurator

An orator who descended with Ananias the high priest and elders from Jerusalem to Caesarea to accuse Paul before Felix the Roman governor (Acts 24:1).

well.. one would wonder why turtle would pick the name he did...

the prosecutor of Paul.

ID: 32064782
@Tertul @40AcresandaPrayer

.... Tertius.. Tertulus...
Tertul fits Tertulus a lot more.

and why would I ever think you aren't above lying about it..?
well..I just wouldn't
cause you've shown me enough of your fruit..?
I already had my suspicions about you.
40Acres just confirmed.
all the discussions I've had with you..
always felt you had an ulterior motive...
like you only needed to skew scripture just a smidgen..
just enough to shade the light..
and get people looking somewhere they don't need to.
wasting their time.. maybe their salvation...

your intent is suspect.
and I draw a demon conclusion.

by your fruit.. you are known.

ID: 04570538
Forty Acres and a Prayer:
@Trinity @Tertul Please, site an example of my skewing scripture... Wow, and all that in defense of one who self proclaims to be a servant of satan and who's post are consistent with that claim... Indeed, if it is even trinity who posted that, and if Trinity is not a bot, then those who fight against God's people here in the Christian group would appear to receive more support than those trying to defend them.

ID: 66473839

yeah.. well.. that's exactly how satan likes it..
sinners not trusting other sinners..
and even satan disquises as an angel of light.
it is only the soul that knows Christ that knows where they stand.

you still haven';t denied who some claim you are..

and it's really in your overall tone of message with scripture that your lack is outed.
something missing..
as in the Holy Spirit..
and the obvious truth that most people know..
it's not hard to figure out what you are.

now.. I will be watching you...
as others are also on here.

cause I know satan would love to mess with Gab...
and the Christians on Gab...
so yeah...
we'll just see.

ID: 36060467
Forty Acres and a Prayer:
@Trinity @Tertul trinity, disregard my request for you to give an example of me skewing a bible verse. Having read your profanities in posts in other groups, I've seen enough of your "fruit" to know a spiritual opinion from you would hold no value to me.

Got this on line but it fits your situation so well that I thought, " hey perhaps since Trinity likes discussing fruit that proves ones spiritual status, perhaps she would like to discuss how her profanity lines up with luke 6:45

"In Luke 6:45, Jesus says that people can be judged by what they say and do because these things reveal what is really inside the person: “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” If you want to know what is on the inside of a person, you simply watch his actions; listen to what comes out of his mouth on a regular basis. This is not being judgmental; this is being realistic."

ID: 90921514
@40AcresandaPrayer @Tertul

you and turtle..
you got the old fire and brimstone feel.. lol
but it could just be the clinging smell from your visits to your boss.

every sinner claims they are righteous..
and the Lord says.. there are none righteous .. no not one.
and I fully admit my unrighteousness...
and the Lord knows my heart..

ultimately... it will all wash out in the end..
and the Lord already knows those who will be punished.
I'm not worried...
because I love the Lord so much..?
if he wants to turn me to ash..?
I will happily walk into the fire.
cause I have no life without him.

so.. you and turtle.. you will reap as you sow..
as I will..
and the truth will be known then.

I'm patient in the Lord..
and I'm good with whatever happens..
to me..
and to you blind guides.. ;o)

now.. peas off and bother someone else.

ID: 35935623

hey dippy..
all my comments were aimed at turtle..
but you took them personally.
sucks to be you..
but I also remember you ...
all my words stand.

crazy damn world Lord..
crazy damn humans.

ID: 69090502
Tertul40 Acres, you don't have enough sense to avoid stepping in Trinity's droppings.

ID: 15785602
@Trinity Jesus said in his generation is when he'd come. Later books of the Bible then tells us the last days, then the last hour, and then finally it is at hand. Your broken brain can't process this. You don't believe the Bible. You defend legions proven false prophets who have given failed dates. You defend the thrall of the Synagogue of Satan which teaches that God lied about Christ's imminent coming to trick us into always being ready. You even end your satanic message with this declaration, "everyone must live like Christ is coming TODAY."

You quote verses that fully support what I say, except you're a liar who takes them out of context and apply them to today, when they spoke of the first century. You quote Paul saying in the last days there will come times of difficulty, when Peter told us then was the last days.

You quote Matthew where Jesus said he's coming at the hour you don't expect. But, Jesus in that same chapter said it would be in his generation. Jesus didn't say at that time it was the last hour (why do you think not, if you think at all). We're not told it's the last hour until many years late (when John announces the Antichrist has arrived, which you fellow liars say is still the future).

If you were a man, you'd have directly addressed my post about false predictions, if you honestly disagreed. Instead, like a liar, you spam out-of-context verses that don't directly address what I said. I don't think you have the capacity to speak directly to the things I say.

You should live like you could die today, because you will die sooner or later. Jesus will never, let alone today, come for you and save you from death.

ID: 45270647

so.. no denying you are douglas tertuliano..

and if I was a man..?? lol
I'd of said the same thing to you.

my truition tells me .... you are a blind guide.
I've said that to you before..
but it's only more and more evident.

Lord.. ?
protect the unsuspecting from him I pray...

ID: 94131626
Forty Acres and a Prayer:
@Trinity yer right. I thought you were talkin to me since I was part of the @ line. I apologize.

ID: 74042631

sir.. bless you..
and I apologize for calling you dippy.. ;o)
I've taken things that were not meant for me as well..
it's kind of hard to know who it's being addressed to when other names are included.
I've promised myself several times to check the names on the comment..
but.. when I get going..? I forget.
help me remember Lord eh..?
it will keep things more peaceful in the Church of Gab.

and... you have no idea how much your comment means to me..
as I am taking it as a sign from the Lord
that he is blessing someone in another matter.
just letting me know he heard me and he is moving in that persons' life.
this is how the Lord works..
and I have the certainty of what it truly means.

again.. have a blessed rest of the day my brother in the Lord..

ID: 18562204
Revelation 22:15

»Out will be *kyn*es and pharmacists (pharmakoi) and whoremongers (pornoi) and "murderers" (phoneis!) and "i-dololatrai" (idolaters or deceivers!) and all doing and loving lie.«

What is that "kyn", translated naively as "dogs" ? Dogs are pleasing and helpful.
Greek didn't have letter "v", and it didn't have letter "c". There is dot below i preceding that word, which is never used thus, but dot above letter denotes abbreviations. And there was not "kynes" but "kyn.." looking almost like "xyn" and two dots following, meaning probably it is an abbreviation...? And what is relation of "*kyn*es" or "*ccines*" to "pharmacists", which they incorrectly translated as "sorcerers"?

I suppose originally it should have been meaning "vaccines" - the worst of evil despoiling our children's health...
It's not only Autism, it's also Allergies and all kinds of auto-immune disorders stemming from incorrect hyper-stimulation of immune system...

Have you been contemplating, why there are supposedly no vaccine safety studies ? Surely there are some, but their results are not publishable, because you would be scared. Which means, they are making studies to make the vaccines optimally harmful in order to mine profits from curing all illnesses they intentionally cause in a plausibly-deniable amount only... Sufficient for this would be for them to buy some ten GP pediatric databases with recorded "rank number" or "serial number" of the vaccine dose and following diagnoses of the patients. The pharmacists know, what that "serial number" means, which dose had more and which less of some adjuvants etc and so they may thus fine-tune their processes... And on the outcomes we see, that the results are ever more disastrous for the health and not ever more proficient...
They are not doing this as blindly without any testing as you would suppose, but they are rather far more evil than you would suppose or admit...

(Picture is from Codex Sinaiticus page 294 right column, second marked word φαρμακοι "farmakoi" is not "sorcerers" but "pharmacists"... Same or similar word is in Rev21:8 and in Rev9:21... φαρμακεια "farmakeia" bible.pi-alpha.org/dict?tag=G5331 means "medication", "the use or the administering of drugs", "poisoning", "sorcery", and metaphor of "deceptions and seductions"... Think about it...)

(You may see bible.pi-alpha.org/b?Rev22:15 with medieval Greek "Textus Receptus" compared with English KJV with links to Greek dictionary for each word...)

ID: 83817590
About Trump and Pence writes Revelation 11 - the two "prophets", slain 11-07, already raised from dead...

Now expect the "Quake" with circa 7000 "victims", hopefully jailed and not slain literally, but it would not be much pity either way, as they'll reap, what they deserve...
The "24 elders", or rather the "24th Age" is ready to depart... [*1]


ID: 40846839
Serious technical problems with this "Social Network"... A lot to improve from technical point of view...
1 comment

ID: 31582854
@a @gab @fosco
Where to report technical problems with Gab ?

One serious problem now - the "Data export" in Preferences does not work.

It ends with "Compiling your archive...", which does not proceed further, is there even after refreshing the page, after some 15 minutes it just vanishes after refresh and there is "Request Archive" button again, despite text "You can request archive every 7 days", which means, the archive was not done...

Or an alternative question - is it possible to display Post as a HTML document and not an Application ? (Because presently, the topics outside of screen are removed and the page cannot be saved as a whole...)

(And I have more of less severe technical complaints for later... The email probably does not work or is censored somewhere...)

ID: 50612280
@a @gab @fosco Two weeks passed, no reply, nothing changed, the Archive is not working in user Preferences... Hmm...

Could it at least indicate in the web-page, which is "parent" of a topic ? (To which topic it is a reply...) Since if there are more than 3 or 4 levels of replies, they get all same padding-left indent, and no indication in html, where they belong... If someone replies to earlier comment later, it gets mixed and it is not clear, to which comment that reply belongs... (when compiling my e-book from my gabs and replies, it causes a serious misunderstanding, when my opponent has been replying "thank you" that I'll rather leave to another group, but it is ordered belong different post, for which he would not thank me, and I don't like to misrepresent, what he said...)

(This is a second occasion, when the gab I posted just vanished without showing... How many other's gabs are thus being discarded?)

ID: 43282547
The Great State of Michigan, with votes being far greater than the number of people who voted, cannot certify the election. The Democrats cheated big time, and got caught. A Republican WIN!

ID: 44509838
@clkdtm @realdonaldtrump death reported only one in 300,000. Canadian report from a tester. crimes against humanity still happening. get us out of this farce mr president!

ID: 16946693
@realdonaldtrump As far as I've seen, they can and they are. Whether voluntarily, or under duress.

ID: 09995301
@realdonaldtrump What's going on?

I know that I shouldn't trust the press, but why is everybody from CNN to Gateway Pundit saying that Michigan/Wayne County is certified???

ID: 63881237
@realdonaldtrump So what are you guys doing about it!! Please keep fighting....Biden is a criminal. We need you to save us!!!

ID: 59535167
Chuck Sanddown:
@realdonaldtrump We need to fight the Democrats the Republicans need to fight the trump supporters need to fight the Democrats because Democrats have been in control of Whitehouse far too long and everything is failing economy down, unemployment up, lower wages, higher federal taxes are all what the Democrats want they want a failed America but it doesn't have to be that way fight for Liberty freedom, and democracy isn't always about the Democrats they need to learn rise up America rise up your time is now

ID: 68061226
Prof Digory:
@ChuckSanddown @realdonaldtrump Hi Chuck, I normally don't comment on lack of punctuation, but I don't even know what you are trying to say here. Please slow down and add punctuation so you msg gets through.

ID: 96952394
@realdonaldtrump The coup crossed the border. This international connection point to Federal reserve bank's illuminate.

ID: 17027409
@realdonaldtrump they intimidated the republican cowards so much that they certified it President Trump. Investigate to the Supreme Court. If they don't have anything to hide and are SO transparent then why are they hiding the results???
They are also STILL not allowing republican poll watchers to look at the ballots by only having ONE watcher per 10 ballot checker and keeping them too far away to see anything. WHY IN THE WORLD are they continuing then with the count since it is also going to be fraudulent???? This is the height of stupidity or insanity or something to continue with the sham of "checking" the ballots. President Trump, what are you doing???? I don't get it.

ID: 87979896
Jeremy Russell:
@realdonaldtrump We have your back, sir! Actually you have our back and we appreciate you.

ID: 74537525
@realdonaldtrump Dems are going to play deaf dumb and blind. They have the resources to continually contest and challenge everything. Its going to be 4 years of court cases with no justice.

ID: 37689026
@realdonaldtrump I hope that you are right, but the news out of Michigan indicates that the election will be certified.

ID: 12342411
Susan Thomasian Canavas:
@realdonaldtrump When are they going remove these states from the count, the electoral count?

ID: 20233288
@realdonaldtrump Not to mention all the media outlets that promote free speech that FB and Twatter are blocking now?

ID: 41269469
@realdonaldtrump Election is a serious thing. HOW COME there are so many frauds. UNACCEPTABLE!!! Must PROSECUTE those who should be RESPONSIBLE, like the NATIONAL SECURITY INTERNET OFFICER

ID: 04778933
@realdonaldtrump It is a WAR with the HIDDEN ENEMY. We cannot allow too much room for PENETRATION!

ID: 48621253
Jeanne Faithful:
So when will they be arrested? We are all trying to be patient.
We elected you President, not sleepy joe

ID: 36780931
Wendel Hiland:
@realdonaldtrump So what are you going to do about it?!!! Stop bitching and actually do something about it. You’re the fricking President for God sakes!!!!!!. And in closing, why haven’t you and Republicans done more to protect our votes? It’s not like nobody saw this coming.

ID: 93923072
@realdonaldtrump time to arrest these spawns. Or enact the insurrection act and let's end this BS.

ID: 34119722
Wendel Hiland:
@realdonaldtrump Only you can order a National Emergency and order Marshal law until the fraud is purged from our elections.

ID: 67941189
@realdonaldtrump The Republicans who held up the vote initially were persecuted and caved due to threats.

ID: 65801166
@realdonaldtrump I sure pray so. They act like they are certifying Biden now. I pray not. He did not win it legally.

ID: 59955551
@realdonaldtrump If Michigan certifies, they are only certifying their blatant fraud. Let them hang themselves!

ID: 03146267
Paul Farrell:
@realdonaldtrump Not the way the guy in charge of the legislature is talking. He a republican has sworn you will not get electors and they will seat electors based on the false popular vote. GD RINO's will be the death of this nation.

ID: 86479549
@realdonaldtrump Federal crimes these corrupt demonrats and RINOS should be locked up! Do not let these monsters steal the election use whatever power you have. Stolen votes will be difficult to find, everything was planned to get you out from the White House!

ID: 15388464
Nestor Burné:
@realdonaldtrump There is one simple way to get witness explaining all the democrats tricks used to rig the election. An election is the most important moment in a republic. Rigging an election is a major crime sanctionned by prison. The government has to say that they are going to investigate and prosecute BUT the first people who will come forward and give the names of their accomplice will not be going to jail and will even be rewarded 10 millions. With this mix of fear and rewards you will get all the information you need to prosecute the traitors. Nobody wants to end up in jail. They will all rush to be the first to talk...

ID: 20226567
Sherilynn KemptonJusealdonaldtrump Just heard😡😡😡😡😡! Germany behind the dominion polls. Unbelievable. Links Soros, right in there! Send him out of America. NOW WITH OBAMA AND BIDEN TO UKRAINE

ID: 21557204
BackWhen 1776:
@realdonaldtrump You just verified my opinion into a fact. Democrats are just not smart enough. Don't they realize they never win when is comes to you, I mean, what are you like 100-0 ?

ID: 01119306
@realdonaldtrump Four more years and we need to sort out our voting system, becuase they will try to steal it again!

ID: 04771885
ADOLF COCO l'africain:
@realdonaldtrump NOT YET , YOU'RE NOT FIGHTING ENOUGH ... republican party is in on the fix ,,WAKE UP TRUMP

ID: 99413046
ADOLF COCO l'africain:
@railie @realdonaldtrump they were sleeping months before the election , during the election and 10 days after the election ,, time goes fast ,, and for the moment , faster than them

ID: 29143796
@realdonaldtrump The rate is already disputable. Statistical research can easily refute the result

ID: 56437849
@realdonaldtrump This whole thing is gut-wrenching to say the least.
This is a war against our Republic. Are we really relying on a corrupted system with [DS] bought operatives to help us save it?

ID: 04361563
Who Am I:
@realdonaldtrump they will because the pussies are afraid of blm. blm is loud but we are proud. They should be more afraid of us.

ID: 45887235
@realdonaldtrump Time to release the Patriots! We Million of us will purge this evil amongst us!

ID: 30231151
Kathleen A. Evenson:
@realdonaldtrump Keep fighting for the USA....we cannot let a communist takedown of our great country happen....we are at the brink of extinction and we are fighting right alongside our great Potus and all patriots.

ID: 39361023
@realdonaldtrump Great Mr. President, The Democrats pushed American people to stand their opposite side, as same as Biden pushed me to stand with you.

ID: 76383290
Konstantin Pogorelov:
@realdonaldtrump how will we stop them? They will cheat again and again and when we talk about it they will call it "misinformation"

ID: 78290613
@realdonaldtrump Golly, gee whiz, imagine having voter ID and a system to verify one person, one vote... SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!

ID: 58396471
I'm locked out of Twitter but I snuck in the back door. I can't do anything but read tweets. I feel so bad (PISSED) I can't go after these leftist that are demeaning and lying about President Trump. Sorry Sir.

ID: 93277123
@realdonaldtrump Spitfire I say Draw it out all the way to the very end and let all of the traitors come out of hiding.
You President Trump have the Military and Patriots on Your Side. America First.

ID: 82639879
@realdonaldtrump Write Republican Legislative Leaders in key battleground states. Below is the letter I am sending in AZ. You are welcome to use it or change it, adding your name and phone number. It was my understanding that emailing was working better than trying to call so I deleted the phone numbers.

Demand that they vote NOT to certify electors until their respective state audits the election results with a full recount, with Republican observers no more than three feet away and with full verification of signatures and the dates on which ballots were received.

Contact David Ralston, Speaker of the Georgia Hs of Representatives david.ralston@house.ga.gov
Contact Mike Dugan, Georgia Senate Majority Leader mike.dugan.senate.ga.gov

Contact Bryan Cutler (R), Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives bcutler@pahousegop.com
Contact Jake Corman (R), Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader jcorman@pasen.gov

Contact Russell Bowers (R), Arizona Speaker of the House of Representatives rbowers@azleg.gov
Rick Gray Contact (R), Arizona Senate Majority Leader rgray@azleg.gov

Contact Lee Chatfield (R), Michigan Speaker of the House of Representatives LeeChatfield@house.mi.gov
Contact Mike Shirkey (R), Michigan Senate Majority Leader senmshirkey@senate.michigan.gov

Contact Mr. Robin Vos (R), Wisconsin Speaker of the State Assembly Rep.Vos@legis.wisconsin.gov
Contact Scott Fitzgerald (R), Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader* Sen.Fitzgerald@legis.wisconsin.gov
*Scott Fitzgerald was just elected to a Congressional seat on Nov. 3rd. He is still current Senate Majority Leader.
Contact Devin Le Mahieu (R), The newly-elected WI Senate Majority Ledr. Sen.LeMahieu@legis.wisconsin.gov

Remember, the U.S. Constitution (Art II Sec 1) provides:
Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress:

Dear Sir,

As a concerned citizen and voter, with this election being especially precarious for ours and our country's future, I respectfully demand that you, as our representative, vote for integrity and honesty thereby vote NOT to certify electors until our state audits the election results with a full recount, with Republican observers no more than three feet away and with full verification of signatures and the dates on which ballots were received.

Thank you for your assistance in maintaining trust in our representatives and elections.
First and last Names
Phone number

ID: 28600332
Watchman 426:
Mr. President, many true Americans stand with you and we are praying for you and your family. May the Lord bless and keep you!

ID: 86819610
Donald Masters:
@realdonaldtrump L likecthey are calling your bluff on this one Mr. President. Hang in there like a bull dog.

ID: 86765852

ID: 56394618
@realdonaldtrump Where is justice when this nation needs it most? I feel like America has been sold to the highest bidder.

ID: 83189266
@realdonaldtrump: CNN has stated that Michigan has gone to Biden and that you were trying to block the results.

ID: 31793141
@realdonaldtrump The spirits of those who gave their lives for the nation of Japan fought against your country, led by the American Democratic Party. At that time, the Democratic Party was already communist.
The Deep State was always behind the war.
The Japanese are the first nation to bring racial equality to the international community
That's Bushido
That was the cause of the Japanese who fought in WW2
Now the Japanese government is not Japanese
Americans can't distinguish between Japanese, Koreans and Chinese.
Only the Japanese understand Bushido.
Only the Japanese can fight the CCP with your conservatives!
The Japanese hate betrayal
Mr. President, please keep that in mind
Together we will fight for faith, freedom, the rule of law and democracy!
Samurai are on your side!

Translated with DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

ID: 84407303
@realdonaldtrump The spirits of those who gave their lives for the nation of Japan fought against your country, led by the American Democratic Party. At that time, the Democratic Party was already communist.
The Deep State was always behind the war.
The Japanese are the first nation to bring racial equality to the international community
That's Bushido
That was the cause of the Japanese who fought in WW2
Now the Japanese government is not Japanese
Americans can't distinguish between Japanese, Koreans and Chinese.
Only the Japanese understand Bushido.
Only the Japanese can fight the CCP with your conservatives!
The Japanese hate betrayal
Mr. President, please keep that in mind
Together we will fight for faith, freedom, the rule of law and democracy!
Samurai are on your side!
May God bless you, Mr. President, and the United States of America and all Americans!

Translated with DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

ID: 79439554
@realdonaldtrump @DonaldJTrumpJrFeed


Filled with people talkin crap on Trump & Trump Followers. Braggin there was obviously no fraud because the Canvassers Conceded and Obviously the Canvassers were trying to Commit Fraud Instead - Calling them Shameful and Stating NO FRAUD in MI. Celebrating.
So My comment was as follows:

By: Lesa Dodd
To: Ruth McDaniels
Actually they were threatened, and threats against their Children -and their Childrens Identity Doxed. A tactic the BLM / Antifa use quite often against Officers on the streets during rioting. Those officers have been forced to quit their jobs, due to doxing of their families and harrasment and threats. Seems to be the norm now. Standing up for LAWS & LEGAL POLICIES...is grounds for Torment against your Children, Families & Job. - The truth will come out. Deep State runs deep, but so does the Blood Sweat & Tears for Freedom for ALL Citizens. May Integrity Prevail....Peace


FROM : KIMBERLY WOODWARD (Patriot/Trump Supporter)


This is a recorded Zoom meeting of the Wayne County (Detroit ,MI) Election Board where they attempted to intimidate a white woman from Gross Pointe (the rich "white" area) into certifying the results against her better judgment by calling her a racist, and insinuating that they know where her children attend school.
Link to this scumbag's Facebook profile below:

ID: 21166003
@MaxMad @realdonaldtrump they still think they can sneak into the white house for depopulation purposes. you have to get your news elsewhere. the news media is corrupted.

ID: 58803081
About Trump and Pence writes Revelation 11 - the two "prophets", slain 11-07, already raised from dead...

Now expect the "Quake" with circa 7000 "victims", hopefully jailed and not slain literally, but it would not be much pity either way, as they'll reap, what they deserve...
The "24 elders", or rather the "24th Age" is ready to depart... [*1]

... (continues)

ID: 68466909

The Lamb with Seven Eyes already happened in 2012, but The Seals were being opened this year, and so about Covid writes Revelation 6, note the first Rider with the "Crown", and note the Food Shortages to be expected, while Oil prices have been plummeting!

You will soon see, why "Woman with 12 stars" of Revelation 12 is obviously Europe, despite medieval blunders to the contrary - since the Virgin Mary has already Ascended to the Heaven and cannot bear another Son of Man here on Earth...
And soon prepare for the Mark of the Beast of Revelation 13, their CoV-ID vaccination record Luciferase "tattoos", similar to Concentration Camp numeric tattoos from WWII - as there is no substantial difference beside progress in Technology...

I believe (((they))) will not succeed in the end, but meanwhile there are uneasy times ahead...

(*1 - For the "24th Age" you may see πρεσβεια - bible.pi-alpha.org/dict?tag=G4242 - "age, seniority")

ID: 90764797
@lawrenceblair I don't think you are right in your condemnation...

It (Rev11) does belong to Bible Study, since it is a practical example of Biblical prophecy becoming True, as we live in the Revelation Times now and I may prove it in more detail later...
There is a Reason why this must have been posted publicly soon...

That it is "Junk" may be your lowly opinion which I do not share. It IS a Christian post, it is Bible-related and it is not the "news"... I've read the rules...

Should the group have been named "Lawrence Blair's cage" and not a "Biblical Study" ? Why are ALL Christian or Spiritual-in-general talking spaces occupied by intolerant and limited "fanatics" who think only their interpretation is the only one valid and admissible? (You would not be first one to unjustly censor me if you would...)
(Or maybe you are so attuned to actual Junk that you do not recognize the Truth among Garbage any more...? May be...)

Just complaining it is "Junk" while it is not is not an argument to silence me...
Other things are probably going to be Revealed to correct or enhance present wrong Exegesis...


ID: 53942095
@P_A_Semi As I said Bible is welcome here, so, logocally the Book of Revelation is welcome here. Though you would like to give things here a bum steer, your post is not based on anything in the Bible but Kabbalistic claptrap. You may cast all the aspersions on the group or me you wish but it does not change the facts of the case nor the posting rules of this group. You are quite free to post your garbage in the Christianity group where they allow just about anything whether it is scriptural or not, but here you post according to the rules. Plain enough?

ID: 84964718
@lawrenceblair You seem to lie with "not based on anything in the Bible", because that hardly can be a mere Blunder...
That post is based on Book of Revelation and even gives references to the chapters, and it is not based on Kabbalah in any way...

Maybe I'll follow to the group Christianity soon instead, since I did not realize, that the group "Bible Study" is not about a Bible Study, but solely about "Westminster Sect opinions about Bible" carefully selected to preclude any contemporaneous interpretation...

ID: 99556511
@lawrenceblair (As a note about progress of Rev11 about Trump&Pence...)

Recently there has been written on the Sun: "TRUMP SUE Zion", which made me to write already third-and-halfth letter to the Trump on this past Sunday... ( pialpha.cz/Letters_to_WH - there is a link to the solar images also)

While I don't know, if someone has read it there, or if it rather got lost among many other writings there...

Because I noticed, that the "three and half days" in Rev11:11 in both old manuscripts, where it occurs (Sinaiticus and Alexandrinus) actually may read »και μετα τρι σημερας και ημισου« or even »και μετα πι σημερας και ημισου« and thereby refer to my third-and-halfth writing, where even may have been an attempt at "phonen megalen ex tou Uranus" of Rev11:12...

The Quake is expected now before December 18th, when 45 days after the Election mentioned in EO from year 2018 about foreign election interference will expire...

(As most will skip it at this moment, it's here probably just for the record in my e-Book pialpha.cz/Gab_Merged ... I'm not sure, if the Time came to write it on the group front openly...)


ID: 73361688
@lawrenceblair How did you know, that it's "Garbage", if you didn't even bother to examine the Evidence ?

I've sent the link here, and I've sent the link to RMN, but precisely no one did read the linked evidence beside Robots... They've probably missed the email in RMN and I'll patiently retry... You didn't miss it, you just didn't bother to see...

The readable inscriptions on the Sun, in Corona and in Magnetic Field, are really marvelous occurrence, I hoped you would be pleased to see them...

Well, it was an Offer and not an Obligation... It's your choice to abstain... ( Mt 20:15-16 , Lk 14:15-20 )


But it's interesting to witness, how pre-existing opinions and "knowledge" prevents people to even examine or consider something, that is conflicting with their superstitions... It's called Cognitive Dissonance, it's quite a common phenomenon, keeping many people captive in their blunders...

Maybe this Example will help some of them to recognize and reject their own bonds...?

(How else to help people being held in Captivity of Cognitive Dissonance, when they were fed with Media Lies too long and then even if they come occasionally to see some True point, they just reject it, because it conflicts with their incorrect view-points?)
(It is rather a general problem, not specific to this occasion or me...)


(this note is regarding to post gab.com/P_A_Semi/posts/105384417399556511 - as the Gab "notifications" system will not make it easy to get to upper level from the notify and it would not be obvious, to which of the "Garbage" posts does this comment belong to...)

ID: 05855620
@P_A_Semi And just a note about email and access-logs ...

When RMN declined to post it, I've been looking, if Human recipient decided and declined to post it, or if it was a "glitch" or some technical tool deprived them of making that choice...

Because if you send an email to a person and he doesn't respond, it may mean, that he did not want to respond, which is his choice, but if the Evil Mail Agent or some Technical Tool deprived that user of receiving it and thereby deprived him of that choice to use it or to decline, or if he simply missed that, then it may be worth retrying to give that user a choice to decide - unless it is known in advance, that it is not worth retrying, because some Evil Mail service like G-Mail is stably censoring emails and would censor that retry attempt also...

It's pity so many are lazy to setup or use some Fair Email service and are using G-Mail instead, which censors their incoming and possibly also outgoing Emails and deprives them of communication, undesired by Evil Oligarchs...

ID: 55796530
JUST POSTED: The shocking reason why Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine requires storage at -70C … because it contains experimental nanotech components that have NEVER been used in vaccines before bit.ly/36U3k8y #vaccines #coronavirus #covid19

ID: 08944518
It should also be noted, that they long since planned their announcement of "success" rate of 90%, and thereby Green-Light for their approval, at the KristallNacht anniversary 11-09, since on that very date had Albert Bourla, who is proud of his jewish-greek heritage [*1], planned to cash big on sale of his stocks at least 3 months in advance [*2]... (This very date was planned... It's as if the Japanese made you a treasonous "offer that can't be rejected" on the anniversary of Hiroshima...)

And add to this, that the same day New Yorks's governor Cuomo proclaimed [*3], that they (which means the New-York jews and Wall Street oligarchs), are going to be exempt from the Warp Speed rash...

Be doubly more suspicious of a vaccine, from which the Jews are exempted !

Then few days later, Netanyahu announced they'll also order Pfizer vaccine for Israeli citizens [*1], but not enough for all, while the Religious jews would get the safe Russian Sputnik vaccine from Hadassah, while the Blasphemous will get the Pfizer Treason instead... They also need to get rid of some citizens...
Or how will they explain to their citizens, if the vaccines will not have same danger of side-effects, that some received the safer variant and some the more dangerous one ? (Well, Jews don't need to explain anything, but American government should...)

Let no-one claim it is safe, if there was not enough time to see possible long-term side-effects, like possible cancers or fertility-rate reduction... They just didn't have time to preclude these... Even if it was not an intentional treason, it could be a mere error and no-one can decide that in advance before observing the patients... Vaccinating all people at once with something without proper multiple-year testing for multiple-year outcomes is a collective suicide, a Collective Darwin Prize, or rather an attempt at Genocide by someone else... And unlike with other crimes, with a Crime of Genocide it is punishable even the Attempt, and even the Conspiracy, and also the Complicity, where article 2d defines one form of Genocide among others as "Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group"... [*4]


*1 - jpost.com/breaking-news/russias-sputnik-v-covid-19-vaccine-candidate-92-percent-effective-study-shows-648740?utm_source=wnd&utm_medium=wnd&utm_campaign=syndicated

*2 - nypost.com/2020/11/11/pfizer-ceo-sold-5-5m-in-stock-amid-covid-19-vaccine-reveal/

*3 - nypost.com/2020/11/09/cuomo-emerges-as-stumbling-block-to-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-rollout/

*4 - hrweb.org/legal/genocide.html

ID: 23142191
Revelation 9 is obviously about Migration. Notice ISIS tanks on Euphrates, and notice 200M people moving, which number I've heard some time ago...

Then important to understand is verse Rev 9:19
»»For their power is in their mouth, and in their tails: for their tails are like serpents, and have heads, and with them they do hurt.««

If you are adult, you surely know those "tails with heads", and as "serpents" harm with poison, thereby to explain it further: It's GENETIC POISON.

And if you want to remember that number 919, it's a low 1 stuck upward in middle of two upper nines... But with regard to children and virgins please don't explain that any further...

And it's a very important verse to understand right, also with regard to Mt13:24-30, and original meaning of Lk10:27 and Lv19:18-19 :
»»You will not revenge, and you will not bear grudge against sons of your nation, but Love your neighbor similar as you. I'm LORD, my commandments you will guard, your cattle you will not let "lay together" mixture, your field you will not sow mixture, and a treason of gallop-jumping will not ascend upon you.««

The last sub-sentence may also be translated: "and a garment of linen-wool will not ascend upon you..."
It can also be translated: "Love your neighbor as I LORD (love) you."

And "Love your neighbor similar as you" should be understood in the context, in which it is used...

Racism is LOVE of neighbors, second most important commandment.
Anti-racism is hate and treason.
You have been collectively deceived by the Evil ones to consider it contrary...

(Will you erase and censor that? Why would you hate Truth and original meaning of Scripture, instead preferring Politically-Correct lies of Marxists, which poisoned minds of so many?)

ID: 64588598
((I would add links to verses, but Gab has serious technical or censorship problems and fails to add a comment with 4 links! It just disappears without warning... How many comments may have you thought you have posted without verifying they really were stored and not discarded? That limit is not FREE speech, that is a technical tyranny...))

It seems I may add just one link in comment, which one ? Here it's post's theme:
(You may search the other verses similarly...)

ID: 75920134
@lawrenceblair As I've written elsewhere and will not repeat in more detail...

That it is "Junk" is your opinion, while it IS perfectly a "Bible Study" related...
That some Bible interpretation does not follow your "Opinions" on actual Bible meaning does not mean it is "Junk" or inadmissible...

Do not try to Silence people with who you just Disagree...

The "Free Speech" actually means tolerating Dissenting Opinions.


ID: 45882894
Dcraig42 commented on this gab
The Spiritual Meaning and Original Form of verse Revelation 13:18 most probably was this:

»Here is Wisdom: Let him who has understanding count the number of the Beast, for it is a COUNT OF PEOPLE and it’s number is SIX MILLIONS.«

But then the original number XM which is six hundred myriads i.e. six millions, was modified to XIИ (chi iota digamma) which is 616, and then it was modified to XIϚ (chi iota stigma) which is 616 as witnessed in some early surviving manuscript fragments, when letter stigma replaced letter digamma as sixth letter of greek alphabet, and then it was modified to χξς (chi xi stigma) which is six hundred threescore six, as is the present reading... [*1]

The Spiritual Meaning - if someone does not bow and worship before that cursed number "six millions", he may not sell or buy Ideas, and not even for free...
And "Zion" literally means "Beast" [*2] - foremost that Zion in London City...

But then as a Fractal (as above, so below) it applies on various physical levels in that modified form, as many are intentionally stylizing themselves into that number as it was modified, which is why it also applies to that cursed patent WO2020 060606 of Microsoft to implant bio-chips into you, and the same Darpa's (then Moderna, then Pfizer) aims even without such numerical assignment, using nanotech vaccines...

But how is their 666-chipping a "number of man" or a "count of people" ? Well, it is also, as their Luciferase vaccination code is actually just a "number" Key into some human-resource Database with Vaccination records combined with Bank accounts, China-like Social Score and Stazi-like Contact Tracing, etc... A very same logic, as was tattoed onto inmate hands in Concentration Camps, just the Technology evolved to enslave you more subtly but without escape, if they'll turn whole World into a Concentration Camp and a Global China this way...

(And I think without a proof and with a small but non-zero probability, that this my explanation of Original Meaning of XM published last year then forced Microsoft to make that patent 060606 to make it more obviously looking the present interpretation and not mine, but this way it is much more obvious to all Christians, that their plans are a Treason... Or why would they publish that intentionally this way to alarm all Christians ? )

*1 - pialpha.cz/WPoHC.pdf chapter 4

*2 - bible.pi-alpha.org/dict?tag=H6728 ציון as derived from ציי

ID: 21199644
@Tertul I've read your other post about End Times failures, replied by Trinity few days ago...
You were exposed sufficiently I think and that is my reply to your Liar claim about your "Spectrum"...

> "tell me where you get six million from"

pialpha.cz/nu10ps107.pdf - initial discovery - the 23rd letter of hebrew alphabet marks it in Bible...
pialpha.cz/WPoHC.pdf - described in sufficient detail, this Text Kills the Beast...


ID: 80881531
@Tertul My "source" is my original research...

There's not a single manuscript fragment from first century, the oldest extant fragments are from second century not larger than a match-box... The papyrus did not survive, only what and how they've repeatedly transcribed and copied...
Big "M" was "myriad", which is ten thousands... The Greeks were writing numerals in letters, as all or most nations of that time...

And today - we obviously see the Anti-Christians, those with most obdurate hatred against Christians... Unless you were blinded by that "anti-semitism" mantra into dumb obedience...

But to be more clear, I do not claim, that Anti-Christ are Jews, but the Judaism Archetype in the level of Ideas, the most vile and unjust racism, the notion of self-electedness and that all others are vain and useless servants, needed instead of cattle, as some of their rabbis teach until today about us...
Juda means "praised"... They praise themselves as the best... But then, "Goyim" means the "proud ones". It's them, the Jews, who foremost are Goyim today...

Many of you today have wrong notion about what Esau is... You think, that it is something wrong... The opposite is true... The "Esau" means "Working", it's us, the working people. It's not "hairy", it's "rough", and "Seir" means foremost "tempestuous"...
But "Jacob" means "treasonous supplanter", the Oligarchs (smooth man living in tents), as is sufficiently described in Gn25...

We are still awaiting the Blessing for us, Working people, given in Gn27:40 - "and it will be, that you will overthrow and break his yoke from above your neck"...
I hope it will come soon...


ID: 87636429
@lawrenceblair This is not a "kabbalistic garbage", but a True Exegesis of the original meaning of the Bible, book of Revelation, when Time Came to Reveal it actually...

Now tell me, what is "Talmud or Zohar"-related in this post ?

By comments like this you are trying to Make People Blind and Oblivious of Actual Biblical Reality, and to OBEY your Point-of-View... Such attitude is Wrong and Unjust...

(And btw - read what you've written actually - that this is a place to promote Talmud or Zohar ? Really ?! "This is a Bible study group to a place to promote the Talmud or the Zohar"... You probably did not mean it such... Was it a sub-conscience leak?)


ID: 92116856
@lawrenceblair I did not came here to wage personal wars or to correct You from your illiberate stance on constraining Biblical Opinions to a single admissible view...

And while I've self-learned Hebrew sufficiently to translate third of a Bible to my native language, I will use Hebrew sometimes to prove my points, because
without understanding the True Original of the Bible you collectively missed some important points...

Did you know, that ALL your Bible translations are missing a Critical Point to understand it's original meaning ?

The NAMES were not Translated, but merely Transliterated... It is because rabbis in Talmud forbid translating names for the "goyim", and that because the True meaning of the Bible, if it is Translated properly including the Names, reveals, that it is Rightfully "anti-semitic" in present wrong meaning of that word, and it also reveals, that for example Genesis is not a History, but a Parable, a Prophecy, and a collection of Archetypes carefully prepared for these days...


ID: 76874935
@P_A_Semi No need for a war. Just follow the rules. This is a Bible study group and sice you admit you think the Bible is trash, you have come here to trash it. You have learned hebrew sufficient enough to swell up your head so you can't see. See what, you say? See yourself! You are so full of yourself, your superior learning, and wisdom that you think you are more learned, clear thinking, and wise than all who have come before you; You th great illustrious scholar and Bible trasher. Take your crucial, all important, critical point, go meditate on it, and get a proper guru licence.

ID: 66895172
@lawrenceblair I do not think "Bible is trash", but that your translations were Incorrect or at least not Exclusive, and that is a Huge Difference...
It had a purpose you will understand some day, hopefully soon...

But actually it trashes the "Sola Scriptura" blunder, because while some of you insist on "Bible Only", but then you will even try to discard the Original Meaning of the Bible...

And I do have a proper "License" or rather a "Testimony" to help some willing to listen, as you will possibly see later...
And I need to admit I am not Perfect, but I try, as everyone else should also...

Beware of "Mote and Beam", which I somehow tend to meet very often... Many people are trying to accuse me of various things not seeing their own beams...

Where would be Luther, if he just merely and until his last days humbly followed the Herd ? And where would be You ?

ID: 89466712
@P_A_Semi So you find salvation in many book, do you? Salvation is only in the Bible.

So you think us dummies who believe the Bible are an unlearned mass, not nearly as well read as you? Oh well.

I have been reading the Bible, studying history, perusing philosophy tomes, and even getting a few bits of science in my head since I was four years old. I would imagine the reformers did the same. I even imagine their libraries were much larger than mine; I around 4500 in my Logos package and more in my bookcase. You sir are not the most knowledgable person in the world at this or any other time.

To finish this edition; LOL, I am not the smartest cookie on the shelf, nor the cleverest, nor the most erudite, but I do know I do not waste my time playing with numbers and formulas. Why? Because ones short, oh so short time time on this earth is better spend repenting, following Christ, and studying His word . . . not playing with it.

ID: 36545387
@lawrenceblair You write "Salvation is only in the Bible".
I tell you, that Salvation is only with God and Jesus Christ will, and doing what they find pleasing... Probably... (I would have to think more to formulate that better...)
Salvation is not in a Book, it is in Life, in the Path... (J14:6 - if Jesus says "no one comes to Father, but by Me", that "me" does not mean "Book", but "Jesus"... And Jesus is not (only) in the Book...)

How do you differentiate "studying" from "playing with it" ?

I don't think, that "trying to understand it better" is wrong...

And after studying, don't know if a Lot or Sufficiently, I found some things and interpretations that others seem to overlooked, which I'm going to share,
because I think The Time Came...


ID: 19848981
@P_A_Semi "(J14:6 - if Jesus says "no one comes to Father, but by Me" Hmm, I wonder where it is that came from, perhaps from the New York Times? No! Well, I'll betcha' anything it came from the Bible, the very word of God.

" I found some things and interpretations that others seem to overlooked,
which I'm going to share, because I think The Time Came..."

Darby did that, now we have the silly dispensationalist system with the secret rapture.

William Miller and Ellen G. White did that, now we have Seventh Day Adventism with it's own dispensational theories.

False prophets have been reinterpreting God's word since the Garden of Eden; the first one being Satan. He shared his wisdom and look where that has gotten mankind. But you are smarter than Satan, you are not creating error, you are bringing great wisdom. Pride! Look what it got Satan.

ID: 81779298
@lawrenceblair About "Bible, the very word of God"
I do not dispute, that Bible is a Word of God also, (as written by men of that time, as translated by various men later...)

But you MAY NOT limit God, where and how He wills to express Himself...

And about The Word, or The Logos in Greek...

J 1:1 εν αρχη ην ο λογος και ο λογος ην προς τον θεον και θεος ην ο λογος
J 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

That Word of God in the Beginning is usually considered the Jesus Christ Himself, not the Book...

(If I would paraphrase your term "Mariolaters", what about "Biblolaters"? It's probably inappropriate joke, sorry...)

BTW - did you know, that Evangelium is 12th Book of Genesis, as Mt1 also starts with "βιβλος γενεσεως" (Biblos Geneseos) as 11 "books" inside Genesis before that ? Unless 12th Book of Genesis is Numeri (Nu3:1), and then Evangelium would be 13th...


ID: 52016331
@lawrenceblair That J14:6 is a "Sola Scriptura" argument to prove that "Sola Scriptura" is a blunder...
--» Salvation is not in the Book...
(thank you for helping me to formulate it...)

But it reminded me of another verse with this number, which is Revelation 14:6
»And I saw another Angel flying in the Midst of Heaven having an everlasting Gospel to preach to them that dwell on the Earth, to every Ethnic and Nation and Language and Congregation«

Do you think it will just Cite the original Bible and nothing more... ? (You need not reply to this since you cannot know it yet, just think about it...)
Or tell all those Congregations, that only one of them was Right ?

About that "Midst of Heaven", εν μεσουρανηματι bible.pi-alpha.org/dict?tag=G3321 - dictionary writes "the highest point in the heavens, which the Sun occupies at noon"... I'll tell you, where it is - on the Sun itself... Because everywhere else the Sun at noon somewhere is near the horizon elsewhere...
(wait a while for the proof... not today...)


ID: 81007637

I teach the trinity. I would appreciate feedback if I kept your interest or if you bailed. Also, did it help?

Thank you.

ID: 68916733
@Eljachin I'll watch the rest of the video probably tomorrow, but some early remark: Gen1:26 - "Let's make Man in Our Image, as a Man and a Woman", it does not mean in the Image of Trinity, but in a Binary Pair...

I made an allegation last year, that since the Trinity does not include Woman Principle and it should, because "As Above So Below" - we see it's reflections all around (as Universe is Woman because God is Man, as Church is Woman because Jesus Christ is Man, as all exists in Binary pairs downright into level of protons and electrons), and since Father and Son are Men, then the Holy Spirit must be logically a Woman...?! Or is there a denied Fourth One into the Trinity? Or the Plural "Elohim" means a Family? I don't know...

But there is another interesting Ancient Testimony about Trinity I discovered long time ago:
In Sepher Jecira, there is outlined the basis of Hebrew Language, which is of 22 letters - or rather 23 letters where one is different, same as human genome has 23 chromosomes where one is different Y, as genetic code is 23 combinations where one is stop-code, this Hebrew AlphaBeth according to Sepher Jecira is basis of all Creation, and it's Roots are א מ ש - aleph as אל as God, mem as משיח as Meshiach as Jesus Christ, and shin as שכינה as Shekhina, which is just a hebrew word for Holy Spirit...
Therefore even the Kabbalists also have a very early Testimony of the Trinity in roots of their books, while they would probably want to deny that...

ID: 39410931
Ozark Hippabilly commented on this gab
Let ones with an ear hear..... this is a wake up call, must watch and share! URGENT!


ID: 27375113
@P_A_Semi I think I'd still wish I had a vocal analyzer program like Law Enforcement folks have just to use for this video versus other videos to check his voice patterns and such, it sure sounds like Bill Gates, physically, vocally, and even fits his agenda that he doesn't hide about vaccines and forcing them on people. I truly think he's probably top candidate for being the anti-christ, and I do not trust him, nor any of their vaccines.

ID: 33953688
@OzarkHippabilly This video was named FunVax ... It's FUN ... (I've mentioned it once in a Forum and I was rebuked and pointed to a better resolution version...)
youtu.be/jRg41D8SOq0 - FunVax Lecture at the Pentagon - Must See to Believe...
It is obvious at this resolution, that it is not Bill Gates, and if it was named FunVax supposedly as "Vaccine against Fundamentalism", it's actually a FUN, intentionally created Hoax to distract from real problems...

While I agree, that Bill Gates is Evil,

but I think, that Antichrist is not any physical man, but it's Judaism as an Archetype of Anti-Christianity... There is nothing more anti-christian today...
And it's represented by a very Mighty Collective, not some frail feudal-like puppet...

Because of all your wrong expectations, you do not see the obvious Elephant in the Room...

ID: 46423219
@P_A_Semi You presume to know my expectations, and that makes you look like an ass.

Have you any idea what is in the CONVID Vaccines? It's sickening when you look it up, if it doesn't sicken you then, you are one of them, I am not one of them, I am for GOD and Jesus, I refuse to be a party to the beast, it's mark, or anyone who advocates for said beast and mark.

The video you say is fake, could well be, that doesn't change what Bill Gates has been on record as saying, nor does it change my position against this virus that still cannot be proven to exist, and does not change my position about their vaccines.


ID: 07932425
@OzarkHippabilly - but spreading Known Hoaxes among serious fight does not help our side of the fight...

I know this video (about AstraZeneca vax inset) already... It's alarming, that they need AI to process whole expected Adverse Reaction avalanche...

I fight this Covid and vaccination insanity teeth-and-nail, but mostly in Czech-language forum...

Recently I made a major discovery, when they've been playing Covid 19 pandemic already in 2012 to a BILLION spectators on London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, where they also showed, what should follow after their vaccination - a Blanket Dead Embryo - they intend to reduce our "Fertility Rates", even the Bill Gates proclaimed that on Ted Talk, that they need to reduce a world popuplation by a Billion using vaccines and "reproduction health"...

It also shows, that it was English Freemasons and Zionists (Rothschild&Co.), who planned this...

And two obvious Miracles happened while I've been writing that, which made me to translate this Forum part into English, I think it is a Block-Buster and just waits, when Americans stop to be obsessed with their Election Fraud...

pialpha.cz/Log2012 - London Olympic Games 2012...

Two videos cut from the original broadcast, with some Czech sport-tv commentator talking, which is not necessary to understand, as he didn't understand it either...



ID: 43541757
@P_A_Semi i wish I was a tad bit more educated so I could better understand your premise. But I get most of it about 060606.
1 comment

ID: 42360573
@CorkUSMC About 060606 nano-chips and vaccination, there are multiple competing interests in play...

Talmudic Jews are aiming to Exterminate you, Christians foremost, Blasphemous Materialists next. Bill Gates also claimed he aims at population reduction.
Then Technocrat Globalists want to Enslave you, with ultimate control of everything you do.
I'm not sure, which of them will prevail, but it is not in our interest either...

There is "Social Darwinism", that (((they))) lured Europe's best to come into America, and there they systematically maim and destroy you by fraudulent vaccination, which is by far worse in America, than in Europe or Russia...

About plans to use Covid vaccination to drastically reduce fertility, which is a form of Genocide - recently I've discovered, that they've been playing it to a Billion people audience in London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, I'll most probably write about it also here later...
You may see this:


ID: 60850827
@CorkUSMC This is precisely what I've meant by that "they want to exterminate Christians foremost, and Blasphemous Materialists next..."

They plan to start it, when their false "King Messiah" comes, they will just anoint anyone to represent that...
And I have a compelling evidence, that they plan it on September 2022, or possibly September 2021...

It's in my text pialpha.cz/WPoHC.pdf on pages 8-10, the date is explained on page 9...

If only you knew, how bad things really are...

ID: 18323094
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False doctrine such as; the teachings of Darby and Scofield, Mariolatry, adoration or praying to saints.
Only material from the Christian canon of scripture may be used in posts. Apocryphal books and other materials may not be used; for instance, the so-called Book of Enoch that so many seem to be stuck on is forbidden in this group.

The admin is a Reformed Christian, meaning he adheres to the beliefs of the reformers of the Reformation of the sixteenth century. Here is what that all means:
The Westminster Confession of Faith (1647) ligonier.org/learn/articles/westminster-confession-faith/
THE WESTMINSTER LARGER CATECHISM apuritansmind.com/westminster-standards/larger-catechism/
THE WESTMINSTER SHORTER CATECHISM apuritansmind.com/westminster-standards/shorter-catechism/
The Westminster Confession of Faith: A Commentary monergism.com/thethreshold/sdg/aahodge/The_Westminster_Confession_of_Faith_A_C_-_A_A_Hodg.pdf
The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith founders.org/library/1689-confession/
A Puritan Catechism With Proofs Compiled by C. H. Spurgeon archive.spurgeon.org/catechis.php

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@lawrenceblair I assume that you have never heard of V. T. Houteff. This is hardly surprising. His church was overrun by devils in 1955. A successor church teaching his message was overrun in 1988 and has been in Satan's hands since 2000. Houteff was disfellowshipped from the SDA about 1929. He opened the seal on the Book of Daniel about 1930, with his two volume work, "The Shepherd's Rod, which explains all the prophecies of Daniel. Since prophecy guides the gathering in the End Time, I suggest that you investigate his work yourself. It is available on-line. During his career as a minister, Houteff completely illuminated 90 chapters of the prophetic scriptures.

ID: 33318349
Lawrence Blair:
@AmoRoden I don't think so. I will stick to the long established biblical interpretation of scripture. No novelty raptures required.

ID: 26075858
@lawrenceblair I'll tell you, what a "False Doctrine" is among else foremost:

It's the claim, that someone has exclusive right to The Christianity itself, and that all Others are in Blunder or in a "Sin" of not following the only self-elected "Right" path...
It does not differ much from medieval Inquisition and all intolerant sects of History...

By which I don't mean, that your "Westminster" branch should be somehow wrong, I just insist, that you do not have a Patent on the Christ or God to reside only in your Dogmatic Cages of Single Possible Opinion and Ritual...

Hold what you have, but admit, that others may be different.
(Among else I came to Reform the Reformation somehow...)

Admitting solely Christian canon scripture is equivalent of medieval Book burning... They also did not want to admit anything, that differed from their views, including Hus and Luther and Calvin and all others...

As you write about inadmissibility of "Hatred toward any man or group of men" and you continue with outright Hatred toward other branches of Christianity calling them "Mariolaters" or hating "adoration and prayers to saints", you seem to Contradict your own inadmissibility of "Hate", or rather you consider a "Hate" only that, what You Hate or disagree with...?

I rather believe, that
God Loves most of You and tolerates the Rest...

ID: 31972377
@P_A_Semi Permit me to take these one at a time, sorta': No has an exclusive right to Jesus; there are millions upon millions, throughout time, who have come to God since time began. So certainly I have the exclusive right to nothing. Never said I did.

Inquisition? I am not A Jesuit, not even Catholic for that matter, so wasn't there, didn't do it, and finally, not guilty. I prefer to think of myself as non-denominational with Reformed leanings.

It seems you believe a person should start a group and then just let it burn. I bet you ten of the apples I have in abox on my back porch that if and when you create a group you will name it, post some rules, and attempt to enforce them. I you are not of that frame of mind . . . oh well.

On the issue of only desiring the group to stick to sound doctrine rather than just anything at all including outright lies or false doctrine: I created this group, not for the purpose of titillating those with itching ears, but to enlighten encourage, and exhort people to read the Bible, and most importantly, maybe, the Holy Spirit might touch a heart or two.

Oh yeah, those were great reformers all. No argument about that, they did argue about many things, in a friendly fashion of course.

I know that; God loves those who love Him.
I also know that; God allows man his just deserts if they don't.

Oh, and Mariolatry. A problem with that. I don't hate them, they are not a problem for me at all. It's just that unlike them I read the Bible, the whole, Bible. The Bible says in 1st Timothy 2:5-6; "For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all, which is the testimony given at the proper time."
I don't hate them, I hate what they do.

ID: 62495822
@lawrenceblair Inquisition burned those they deemed to be "Heretics".
A "Heretic" was almost anyone with whom they've doctrinally disagreed.
I think anyone who aims to "Burn Heretics" from his point-of-view is continuing in their infamous legacy...
(And yes, the Jesuits were wrong, foremost in their Censorship of all Dissent...)

About Reformers - do you think they were Final, Eternally Valid and Exclusive ?
That nothing else would ever need to be reformed or revealed ?

About that "Sola Christo" - it's flattening all of humanity into one Flat Equal plane... A sort of "Spiritual Communism"...

But then I need to admit, that as the topic "Bible Study" is quite wide and there may be a lot of various "trash" opinions coming into this Group, maybe it's not easy to moderate it...

And as a side-note - you've tried to accuse me of "Talmudic or Zohar" stuff... That may possibly seem at first, but you could not doctrinaly defeat them without being able to actually read their wrong diabolic books... I think least of all would be happy about my revelations those "Talmudic" guys...

ID: 75614972
About Pro-Life question:
1. You Should Not Murder your Children !
2. You Must allow all morally and genetically inferior people to self-regulate however they can, including Abortions, both for their and your children's good. Or their grand-children will murder your grand-children, out of hunger and despair, the Earth is Not Infinite...
It's as inevitable as Mathematics.


And do not try to proclaim, that God wishes to ecologically collapse Earth out of desire to "preserve" every singular living organism or human. The God wants this Planet and probably also Humanity to survive Optimally...

(And neither you nor the Globalists are entitled to decide, who shall survive and who shall not, but please let the Nations and Ethnics to self-regulate, before it's too late...)

You should not Deify Humans... Son of Man is not Son of God, but His Work. The Cattle and Plants are also His Work, and what...?
(As we recite in Credo according to J1:14, that Jesus Christ is μονογενης "monogenes" Son of God, that means "only One of that kind"... Do not blasphemously deify normal people, claiming we are all "Son of God", as some tried to claim recently...)

Your Life-time here on Earth is Limited. But your Nation's and Ethnic's Life-time may be almost Unlimited, those are the true almost-eternal Beings worth Preservation. (Rev14:6) We individual people are just carrying that Heritage from our Ancestors to our Progeny through our Time.
In the parable about Ethnics in Mt13:24-30, consider, that while individual stalks will dry out and burn, but the Field is almost Eternal and most precious of that all... You should start to be able to look on us from the perspective of Millenniums, and Millenniums into possible Future... The God who observes and takes care of this planet for millenniums and millions of years surely has this perspective in His mind foremost... And you should not be selfish to think, that your individual survival is more important than almost-infinite survival of your Nation and it's Children...
So foremost stop putting stumbling-block of over-crowded planet in front of your Grandchildren and please allow those, who are not morally strong enough to be chaste optimally, to self-regulate their Ethnics any other available way, including Abortions...


ID: 09784862
@CT1stAmendmentGuy I do not think this will come to pass.
This is a Warning Graph. (In original article it was named "The Most Important Graph" and it really is...)

In reality, there will be either
- Significant Slow-down of the Growth rate.
- Sharp Step down by few hundred millions sometimes in the Future by some "catastrophe" or hunger or epidemic etc.

It cannot evolve much other ways, the Planet is NOT Infinite...

So about Pro-Life stance - keep your Children, and allow for them to have a World, where they can Live. Which means - tolerate others not being perfect, including their Abortions, which both they and your children need to survive well for multiple following centuries...

If Blind leads Blind, they both fall into the Pit. (Mt15:14) Blind is foremost that, who sees or feels only the present step and cannot look few steps in advance, that is why those are destined to fall into the Pit...
Your claim, that "No one may be doing Abortions", is exactly that case of Blind leading the Blind...


ID: 52759013
@P_A_Semi Abortion has become an overt means of child sacrifice which Jews have instituted under their de facto law. A more covert means of child sacrifice has been by their infamous "ritual murders, which Jews have been accused through the ages." In this practice "the blood of the sacrificed gentile (child) is mixed with flour to make the unleavened bread eaten at Passover." (For a history and expose on this subject see "Jewish Ritual Murder" by Arnold S. Leese, 1938).

The Jewish Encyclopedia lists "121 Ritual Murder cases from 1146 to 1900, which were tried in courts. Many of the listings show convictions and the mode in which guilty Jews were executed." - The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. III, (1903) pp.266-67.

"From 1900 to the 1930s there have been about another twenty cases of ritual murder by Jews. Even to this day their are reports of ritual murder of children by certain extremist Hasidic Orthodox Jewish sects." - The Pharisees were originally identical with the Hasidim or Hasidic sect of Judaism. The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. IX (1905) p. 661.

ID: 72040009
Tucker Carlson's monologue was a load of sanctimonious bulls**t.

If he told the truth about our corrupt ruling class he'd have his mic cut & be kicked off the air.

He tells as much truth as Fox News will let him & whenever he tells too much of it he gets a kick in the rear.
1 comment

ID: 50789574
@InfoLib I suppose you mean Rumble/v8nmah video starting with words "And then Guilliani got to the way the votes are counted", where he laments, that Sidney Powell still should provide a real proof...

As I agree with almost anything Tucker Carlson says and he is almost a Gauge of Truth within American Media, then
I had to agree once again - Sidney Powell hints to Kraken-like proofs, but she did not provide them yet, it was not enough to really Destroy the Liar Media and BigTech Censors etc...

I just hope they would have got enough to convince Courts... Or when they will finally pull out that German-server-raid results... We need them very much and the Delays of Trump's Team are getting too long...

I expect a Quake of Biblical Proportions and so with Tucker Carlson I'm eager to finally see that Kraken released and going, not merely talked about... !

(I suspect Trump's Team is delaying it intentionally until mid-December, in order to first start Warp Speed Treason, while Americans are still obsessed with the Election Fraud and not listening to Warning Voices against this Scam... Because both the Summer of Riots and the Election Fraud are just a distraction from the Real Danger, which is Extermination by Jabs of Warp Speed !)


ID: 69945642
Here are five reasons why you need to stop telling unbelievers that Jesus loves them: theonerds.net/jesus-loves-you/

#Christian #Christianity #Bible #Apologetics #LoveofGod #Theology #ReformedTheology #Geek #Nerd #News

ID: 91310745
@TheoNerds I don't agree. Did not Jesus died for the sins of the whole world?God's will is for all men to be saved. He loves mankind that is why He sacrifice himself to give hope of salvation and not damnation. His love is immeasurable. Many people who hears this statement may not care or even believe in God but there are also many who have never heard or even was told about Jesus and his great love. As a true follower of Jesus Christ, we are commanded by God to share Gods' good news the gospel. That is our job.
Leave the converting to Jesus. Not sharing God's word and his love to the unsaved is disobedience to God.
Like Pastor Charles Stanley of First Baptist Church in Atlanta said, "Obey God and leave the consequences to Him."



ID: 85295101
@Pandesal2 @TheoNerds Pam, you're free to have your own opinion here. But, your opinion is false. And, you lie. The Bible tells us in word and deed that God doesn't love everyone.

You use the strategy of liars. You ignore explicit verses like Psalm 5:5 while you fabricate implicit meaning in other verses, like John 3:16.

I can prove you're a liar. Your logic is that God loves the world, therefor he loves everyone in the world. But, sin is in the world. Does God love sin? Do you like your city? Do you like people being homeless in your city. The proof that you're a liar, knowingly saying false things, is that you won't directly respond to this point.

The Bible says God hates liars, Proverbs 6:16-19. God hates liars themselves, not just their lies. If you had any fear of God, you would repent and tremble, because you would know God throws liars into Hell, and that means you.

ID: 37418301
@Tertul @TheoNerds My opinion is base on God's truth, on my own it is nothing. I've quoted John 3;16 from the New Testament and you're saying I've fabricated it, then accuse me of being a liar. How can I fabricate something before I was even born??? The Bible has been around for two thousand plus years. You seem to not want to hear the TRUTH of God and by your statements I can sense a liberal Christianity in you. Something in the present time that is happening, people likes to project their guilt on people. Their conscience is in the overdrive.

ISAIAH 48:22 There is no peace, saith the Lord, unto the wicked.

You are welcome to prove to me that I am lying. I can tell you for sure my guilt has been taken away by Jesus Christ, I have been forgiven for all my sin. My conscience is in tune with God. That is why I love John 3:16. You ought to try Him.
You picked and choose the statements you want to use from the Bible, the typical liberal Christianity. Either you believe all written words in the Bible or you don't.
God hates sins that is why He made a way for all mankind through Jesus Christ to escape to eternal damnation.

Again, John 3;16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life; and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

I don't live in the city, I'm well aware of people's homelessness and their sufferings. Many have chosen to be homeless to avoid responsibilities, many became homeless through no fault of their own. I've volunteered my time to soup kitchens, ministered in donating food and clothing and other Christian outreach. What have you done?? Action speaks louder that words. I'm not tooting my horn just trying my best to do what Jesus would have done.
Please go back and re read the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and understanding. Don't follow man you'll be sorely disappointed and mislead. Follow Jesus He will change your life for eternity.

ID: 60526344
@Pandesal2 @TheoNerds Pam, yes, your opinion is a fabricated implicit meaning from John 3:16. John 3:16 doesn't say God loves everyone. You hate John, else you wouldn't lie about what he said.

No, I don't pick and choose statements. You do that. You are such a hateful, lying hypocrite. You pick and choose. You choose to misrepresent John 3:16 and you ignore verses that explicitly contradict you. What's the point of your reply to me? To remove all doubt that what I've said about you is true?

The Bible tells us God hates liars. And, Jesus really hated hypocrites.

ID: 04944732
@Tertul @TheoNerds Putting words in my mouth eh? Fabricated? hate John? hateful? Hypocrite? Prove me wrong please. I do believed you are projecting. I have asked you to prove me wrong based on the word of God but all I get from you is projection. Go ahead tell God that his words are lies. I don't want to waste my time responding to you. All I ask is of you is to read the Bible and let the Holy Spirit helps you understand.
Apparently, you have made up your mind. I will not even try to persuade you.
I've prayed for you that God will open your eyes. He hates sins but loves sinners like you and I.
Take care.

ID: 96347479
@Tertul @TheoNerds You are only focused on the Old Testament books you should read the New Testament as well.
Psalm 5:5 The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of inequity.
All sinners that rejected the offer of salvation thru Jesus Christ will stand before the throne of judgment to be judge to eternal damnation.
This verse also describe the divergent disposition of God toward the righteous and toward the wicked.

Proverbs 6:16-19
These six things doth the Lord hate; yea, seven are an abomination unto him:17 A proud look, a LYING TONGUE, and hands that shed innocent blood.18 A heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, 19 A FALSE WITNESS THAT SPEAKETH LIES, and he that soweth discord among brethen.

Are you reading the TORAH?? Psalm and Proverbs are in this book written by Moses.
Thanks for being judgmental. You don't even know me and yet you've accused me of being a liar, hypocrite and idiot. You are entitled to your own opinion. But yet you can't still disprove what the Bible verses said.
Good day to you. May the Good Lord Jesus remove your blinders to see the TRUTH.

ID: 73231173
@Pandesal2 @TheoNerds Pam, you just blew off those verses you don't like with a wave of a hand. When someone lies by ignoring plain teaching in favor of BS, I know they're a liar. Do I need to know their favorite color before I recognize a lie from you?

Did God's scope of love change between the Old and New Testaments? Did God change his mind about hating liars and workers of inequity? The New Testament tells us they won't inherent the kingdom of God. The New Testament tells us if they don't repent, they'll perish.

If I repeat what Jesus said to Jews, most people would accuse me of hating Jews. So, Jesus must have hated Jews.

St. Paul wrote a quarter of the New Testament, and he reminds us that God hated Esau.

God hates evil people. Period. You can only confess it or lie. You choose the latter.

ID: 67280871
Does "Jesus Love You" ?
There are Three kinds of Love, which just got mixed in simplistic English...

There is Eros, the bodily love.
There is Philia, the brotherly love.
There is Agape or Charitas, the universal love.

All those kinds of love involve compassion - an ability to feel other's feelings, and a mercy, giving a helping hand, even chastising faults in order to allow them to improve...

As @lawrenceblair teached me: "I don't hate them, I hate what they do." (A thing to think about...)
But then, you can Love even someone, who does things you Hate, and you wish that he stops doing these things through recognizing their wrongness, and becomes gradually better.

(Almost) no one is Perfect and Saint. If the God and Jesus and Spirit loved only the Saint ones, it would be rather sad.

Then, as you gradually become wiser and kinder, you better start to understand other's faults or blunders, which are often a natural consequence of their progress... If we were already born Perfect, we would not have a way to Improve... As a teacher one knows, that he must let his pupils to come to the solutions themselves and to practice their skills, not just to watch others or the teacher doing it perfectly... Or they need a Good Example, but that is not sufficient, they should Follow that themselves...

God has given us the Freedom of Will, wanting us to become better through our own wish to be better... I think there would be no rejoice in sinless obedient "robots"...

And then - the God does not condemn you to Hell, if it exists. Your own deeds condemn you to their consequences, even here on Earth as a Karma, and as a Collective Karma even on your children and neighbors, for example Ecological Guilt foremost implies Collective Karma often...

((There are only few really irreparable and hereditary sins, like race-mixing... They are hereditary, because they are inherited by children and cannot be undone... So it's throwing one's children into the sin and into peril of Mt13:30, that is really wrong and selfish and treasonous against own children and against own nation... -- in my opinion))

(People like @Tertul may disagree in vain, that because of how they understand of what was written must be infallible and absolutely correct and eternally valid without anything to add... Young people too often see things too Categorically and Blank-and-White...)

So to finish the sentence in Prologue and question of @TheoNerds - Jesus Loves You, but often (probably) dislikes what you do, but many things may improve over time...


ID: 56953853
@lawrenceblair There are universal Truths valid regardless whether you believe them and regardless if they were written...

If you have a problem with word "Karma", than substitute Divine Law, or God's Law or I do not know, how you would like to call that...

For the Materialists, I usually explain this Term as the "Consequences of Causations".

And as an explanation, I do not speak about "Karma" in some future life, I mean Consequences of Causations that apply sooner or later in this world, sometime materially, sometime spiritually...

For delicate people, Karma often comes sooner, and for the Villains who only seem unpunished, their Karma or Fate is their Spiritual Emptiness and their Spiritual Mud, in which they live, into which they themselves condemned to live...

(about the sentence on the picture - I don't know, which part of the Scripture it is, or if it is from some other source?, but it seems valid anyway...)

ID: 93730388
@lawrenceblair And if you want a "Sola Scriptura" argument (about "Karma"):

J 3:19 »And this is the judgement, that light came to the world, but men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.«

Where is the Judgement in that ? Most probably that they deprive themselves of the (Spiritual) Light by their Evil deeds and Wrong preferences and thereby they condemn themselves to the Darkness...

And does God want them to be in darkness as some revenge for their wrong choices ? Not at all... He just does not Force them into the Light, He Offers it and it's their choice to use that offer or not... But then they reap the Consequences of their Choices...
(This is how I understand this verse...)


ID: 50238616
@Tertul @lawrenceblair @TheoNerds
Wrong. Your sentences "God only love the saints" and "nowhere in the Bible does God express love for anyone else" are plainly wrong... And to disprove "nowhere", one example among others is sufficient:

J 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

And further, there are just few references to Saints in the Bible, for example Rev7:14-15 ... There are much more references to various Saints in The Judgement Day text...

While also as a justification of so called "Hate Speech" I sometimes cite Proverbs 6:16-19 (»These six hates God and seven are abominations in his eyes...«) - that if even God can rightfully hate the abominations, so can and should we - among else to help the poor perpetrators to recognize their faults and correct them... (and notice, that it's precisely that "We don't hate them, we abhor what they do...")


ID: 72688301
@P_A_Semi @lawrenceblair @TheoNerds People who quote John 3:16 to prove God loves workers of inequity are truly idiots. They ignore explicit teaching of scripture in favor of their bullshit interpretation of a verse that says no such thing as they claim it says.

From Proverbs 6:16-19 "The Lord hates ... a lying tongue ... a false witness who breathes out lies." P_A_Semi spins that into "We don't hate them, we abhor what they do." And, then God lovingly throws them into the lake of fire? Truly stupid!

ID: 30060376
@P_A_Semi @Tertul @TheoNerds Quoting out of context is a very misleading tactic in attempting to prove a point. Your reference to the verses in revelation has absolutely nothing to do with your contention that God loves all irrespective of their hatred of Him.

Also, it seems to me that you suffer from the error of believing that the opposite of love is hatred. It is not, the opposite of love is indifference. I man refuses to acknowledge God a supreme in all thing including their affections He treats them with indifference; "And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;" Romans 1:28. In other words, He let them have it their way. If men are so proud of doing things their way, God says, "Have it now, you'll pay later."

ID: 80649477
The text in Proverbs 6:16-19 is often misunderstood or mistranslated...

The God hates Lies, not Liars, Pride but not Proud ones which He rather regrets - because their Pride makes them Blind, etc:

»These six hates LORD and seven are abominations (for) his soul: High Eyes [Pride], Lying Tongue [Lies], and Hands pouring innocent blood [Unjust Violence]. Heart devising wicked thoughts (intrigues) [Conspiracies], Feet hurrying to run to Evil [Evilness], will Exhale Lies false witness [False Testimony], and (one) sending out quarrels among brethren [?Disunity?].«

Quarrel or Strives among Brethren is merely Abomination but is not Hated (is seventh among six others)

About that distinction - a simile: I hate, when my cat shits in front of the door, where I must pick it before being able to open the door, because elsewhere I usually let it lying... It does not mean I hate that Cat... And I rebuke her once or twice or as necessary until she understands, that this is not admissible... Cats are quite stubborn and they persist in wrong-doing, and so I persist in rebuking her, until she admits it's not a good idea...

Then - what is "inequity" is also sometimes misunderstood... Foremost, "Equity" or "Justice" is not "Equality"... Equality is just a dangerous Marxist Blunder...
But I admit that it's sometimes hard not to Hate the Liars (and those) who Harm innocent...


ID: 33191370
@lawrenceblair I don't think I quote Revelation out of context, since Rev7:14-15 MAY refer to Saint Martyrs, even if you dislike that...

To further put it in context: Christians often misunderstand the start of Rev7, meaning, that those 144000 are somehow Righteous...
It clearly states, that ALL 12 tribes of Jacob must first be SEALED (7:5-8), and then, all OTHER people will be able to celebrate (7:9-10)

Also, as these 12 virtual names are always used as a Sentence with a meaning, here it is arranged differently. It is impossible, that John did not know the 12 tribes correctly according to Old Testament, and if there is Manasseh, there cannot be Joseph and cannot be Ephraim (second son) missing, and also there is missing Dan - the Judgement... So actually this is a Sentence of 14 Words, where the other 2 are filled in by the Logic... And that Sentence also has a meaning...
»Juda, see the Son and be Happy! But Merry Fighted: not a Son! (I) Heard (there is) Attached Reward! (And so the) Exalted Lord Added Son of Right Hand... Second Son will Judge them...«

((I'm not sure if you are ready to understand it right... Or if time really came to reveal things that were hidden in plain sight... Don't even try to claim it's out of context... It's rather out-of-band message behind the text, as is usual with the Names in some parts of Bible...))

(It also may be understood, that while (all) the 12 tribes of Jacob are sealed, the Second Son and the Judgement will be unsealed...)

About your thesis: "have it now, you'll pay later" - it does not mean, that God is somehow Revengeful or even Insidious... It's rather that Karma - "do what you like, but you'll reap the consequences"... Sometimes the Consequences will be paid by the followers or children or even neighbors etc here on Earth, sooner or later...


ID: 82683480
@lawrenceblair @Tertul @TheoNerds And one more advice I'll give you...
You need not try to insult me... I'll just pity you for unjust insults... (that's rather about the discussion elsewhere, or if @Tertul tries to accuse me of "Idiocy"...)

Mt 12:35 »A good man out of the good treasure of the heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things.«
(I'll add, that a Dirty man brings forth the Dirt...)

Lk 6:41 »And why beholds you the mote that is in your brother's eye, but perceives not the beam that is in your own eye?«

While I need to add that I appreciate dissenting opinions and I'm thankful to opponents, who help me to become better, (knowing that I may have some blunders which others help me to realize)... I just ignore unjust insults, which rather serve as a window to the opponent's soul... There are things in the soul, which you do not see from within, but are more obvious from outside...

And about supposed "God's indifference" - God rather wants you to come to Him collectively and gradually... There are some who hinder that, but it will improve and God has a lot of Time, while we don't...


ID: 81282213
@lawrenceblair @Tertul @TheoNerds By "collectively" I mean ALL...

Consider We The Humanity are like on the path towards God. Some at the front may have reached to the Heaven (or to the saintly state regardless if it was recognized by the Church or not), but it is necessary, that we the rest here - or rather our children, reach to the state of Heaven on Earth... One day we will... It gradually improves, if you consider, how primitive and brute were the Middle Ages or even Antiquity...

While the spirit-less nations like China rather proceed to "Star Wars" and "Robots", the Hell on Earth future, but I hope it is just a contemporaneous blunder. The main problem of China is, that they Erased and Bulldozed all their Spirituality and now they are Spirit-less, they did it fast in their Cultural Revolution, but the same could await us, even if we discarded the Spirituality more slowly... (Such nations are doomed to collapse, while some of the "Primitives" may evolve better Spirituality later instead... - which is by my opinion a reason, why there are "murders and phones and debauchery etc" mentioned in the chapter about Migrants in Rev9:20-21... It's as a warning, that if we will become totally Vain rejecting all Spirituality, some Primitives will replace us, with their chance to become more Spiritual later...)

And you as Christians may not be indifferent to the Mass of the People who are less evolved Spiritually... It's a Future of Your and Their Children together, and even if you may lead the good progress, it's important how much the Mass of the People stays behind...
While it's a pity (((they))) led astray a lot of people, with a trick pretending "liberalism" just in order to break "conservatism", while they don't aim at all for "Liberty", but just for "Decadence"... It was a diabolical trap of (((them))), where they lured the people... But we the Christians may not say - "just march to hell, while we will strive for heaven just for ourselves..." Because it is a Future for Our and Their Children together, and we need to make others improve themselves, not by Orders and Bans, but by a Good Example...
(Well, but we need to Ban teaching Children the Decadence, and we need a Right to Righteously Abhor Disgusting Things, because otherwise the Children will not recognize Right from Wrong...)


ID: 88710697
@lawrenceblair @Tertul @TheoNerds
People often forget History or they are not teached it in greater detail... (Well, maybe it's right and on purpose... Because otherwise they would be deaf to reproves, vindicating themselves with the worse times...)

Do you know, what Murder Rate was in Medieval times ? (I don't mean in wars, but among people...)
Hmm, in wars - those have been often and some still are... Some are due defense, some are unjust attacks... But then these were much more cruel, although less technically advanced... In 30-year war in Europe (1618-1648) almost 1/3 of citizens perished, it was far worse than Hitler and Allies... (guess which of these two was worse?) When Mongols or Timur Lenk invaded, they've often left whole swaths of territory void of people... The physical torture almost vanished now, and Heretics are silenced in much more subtle way today, than they were in medieval times... And if someone robs you, then you usually survive that, and cases, when someone is slain on the street to be robbed are rather rare... And people are much less revengeful... (Like in America - "ha, they killed few of our men, let's go to exterminate their tent-camp...") Like in those wars, for example against ISIS - only in few cases they did, what in medieval times they would do regularly, that USA destroyed whole villages or cities including civilians, because there were some enemy combatants inside, quite more rare than in medieval times... Even in wars, you somehow consider human rights and take some care of civilians, and it's relatively recent (like a century or two) ...

Spiritually improved - many of you are actually able to feel compassion even with people, which you may consider inferior... And I think people envy less, or less bitterly...

Like I and others lament, that people today are unable to read a chapter-sized text, because they just read tweet sentences on mobile phones... Well, but few centuries ago they could not read at all, except few monks and "doctors"...

I think there are waves in history, as it gets better and worsens (which is why it's often heard, how the younger generation is so bad, because it repeatedly is worse in waves and then it improves in next few...), and then looking from afar, it raises to better, two steps ahead and one step back...


ID: 48277255
@lawrenceblair @Tertul @TheoNerds To put it short:
Keep lamenting, how bad it is today, because chiefly the criticizing of wrong makes us better. (And thereby those who aim to silence critics of wrong aim to make things worse... That is foremost the importance of Free Speech - a freedom to criticize wrong in order to improve it all...)

Somewhere in background know, that it was far worse back then in ancient times... Which should vindicate your requests to want it even better than today, because that is the way History goes, and it should not vindicate the villains, that they are less villainous, than ancient villains, which is not an alibi...


ID: 47997805
Woman Sterilization by Covid Vaccine confirmed or strongly suspected !

There has been published a petition against approval of Pfizer-Moderna approval in Germany:

Among the reasons, there is stated, that the spike-protein of Covid virus is homologous with Syncytin-1 protein responsible for placenta formation in humans. Thus vaccinated people may develop immune response against this protein and thereby destroy protein needed for placenta formation...

Short explanation healthandmoneynews.wordpress.com/2020/12/02/head-of-pfizer-research-covid-vaccine-is-female-sterilization/

Checking with Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Syncytin-1&oldid=983058911#Structure - Syncytin-1 is known to be homologous with spike-protein of Ebola and HIV viruses, and we already know, that the spike-protein of Covid-19 was artificially transferred from HIV virus by genetic manipulation, as confirmed by at least four different genetic studies...

And there are multiple other reasons against that vaccine, see the petition...
Dr. Michael Yeadon is former head of Pfizer respiratory disease research, Dr. Wolfgang Wodard is former head of the public health department probably in Germany, and the petition is written by a specialist and it seems not to be a hoax...

That protein is also preventative against neuro-degenerative diseases including multiple sclerosis, so neither men should stay indifferent about that, if not for protecting their most precious women...

The day when this petition was published, EMA (European Medicines Agency) stopped the approval, while citing different reasons... rt.com/news/508482-covid-vaccine-approval-trust-germany/

The British already approved this vaccine, but they recommend, that pregnant women and those who plan pregnancy in next three months avoid this vaccine. westerntelegraph.co.uk/news/18915579.pregnant-women-warned-not-take-covid-19-vaccine/
But they are probably just postponing a warranted public panic, so that public does not recognize this effect sooner than too late...

Thus it fully effectuates the crime of Genocide - hrweb.org/legal/genocide.html , which is also 2d "Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group", and punishable are also "conspiracy", "attempt" and "complicity"...

We cannot expect Main-Stream Media to let this be known, it must be made known via other ways, including social networks or whatever we have...
And we should at least try to warn also that gullible half of people eager to get this vaccine treason, and at least try to avoid their fate, which otherwise would be a Karma for their ignoring of suffering of children from effects of vaccination, and for their perpetual Lies about "conspiracy theory", which made them ignore all Truth...


ID: 13340739
Do #facemasks really protect you from the #coronavirus? bit.ly/37B6zC7

ID: 01651097
@NaturalNews So long have the people been fornicating with that Magical project Facebook, until the #facemasks have removed their Faces.

It's Karma - the Consequences of Causations, because if they were not all locked in heavily-censored Facebook, then they could speak to each other more freely about this wrongdoing and then getting to the obvious solution of collective disobedience much faster...

ID: 86217397
And the #MainstreamMedia is still saying there is no " #proof" bit.ly/3qwOo9e
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ID: 01572549
@NaturalNews I've read excerpts from Your situation update 2020-12-05

It's same, as MSM liars have been screaming RUSSIA perpetually, while it's actually them, רשע - the Wicked ones - the Jews...

Now you seem to be screaming "China!" without a single word about Jews, who unlike China really do own American Liar Media and vaccine companies and who are behind this plot against Trump and the World, where China is just their puppet for some dirty work...

"China" is just a Scapegoat and Misdirection, (((their))) usual tactic of "By way of Deception you shall wage War"...

So here the Chinese printed the fake ballots - but someone has ordered them!

While I could understand a reason, why this cannot be said openly in USA, but it would be better to not jump on the band-wagon of MSM lies, just misdirecting them yet another way...

ID: 43701616
Real Pandemic vs Staged Pandemic, easy to spot differences...

Instruction like this can help cure people from irrational fear, into which they have been pushed and that is used to control them...

(Source principia-scientific.com/how-to-spot-a-real-pandemic-versus-fake-pandemic/ )

ID: 48440092
I can’t help but think all these abortions and sterilizations (vaccinations) are attempts to stop the second coming.

ID: 75585938
@Gnosticforlife it's understandable why you would contemplate this considering Herod had all babies under age 2 killed at Jesus' birth in attempt to kill the prophesied Messiah.
Let's remember Jesus's own words "I will come as a thief in the night". "I will come when you think not".
And the angels told the apostles: “Men of Galilee, why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen Him go into heaven.” (Acts 1:10-11)

ID: 92492877
@Gnosticforlife It's worse than that: abortion is an active attempt to deprive those spirits the chance to inhabit a mortal body and derail God's plans, which could include stopping the Second Coming, but include euthanasia and it certainly implies that they're playing god, trying to determine who has a body and who lives and who dies, because they're so special/important themselves. They call it "population control" because they saw the earth is overpopulated, but I believe there is "enough and to spare". They also believe they're beyond the law.

Christ is one of God's spirit children--the eldest, in fact--and we are also God's spirit children; God is, however, also Christ's mortal father. In order for Christ to take our sins on Him and overcome death to be our Savior, that was necessary for Christ to have the requisite power over life and death. We are supposed to become like Christ, but we cannot do that without first acquiring a body, just as Christ did. In that position, as Savior, he is in a unique position to execute justice and show mercy: I believe He will execute judgment against those foisting abortion on society and show mercy to it's victims, meaning that they are having zero real effect... they will have their glorified body after all. And they will not be beyond His law.

ID: 53511619

Abortion has become an overt means of child sacrifice which Jews have instituted under their de facto law. A more covert means of child sacrifice has been by their infamous "ritual murders, which Jews have been accused through the ages." In this practice "the blood of the sacrificed gentile (child) is mixed with flour to make the unleavened bread eaten at Passover." (For a history and expose on this subject see "Jewish Ritual Murder" by Arnold S. Leese, 1938).

The Jewish Encyclopedia lists "121 Ritual Murder cases from 1146 to 1900, which were tried in courts. Many of the listings show convictions and the mode in which guilty Jews were executed." - The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. III, (1903) pp.266-67.

"From 1900 to the 1930s there have been about another twenty cases of ritual murder by Jews. Even to this day their are reports of ritual murder of children by certain extremist Hasidic Orthodox Jewish sects." - The Pharisees were originally identical with the Hasidim or Hasidic sect of Judaism. The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. IX (1905) p. 661.

ID: 71368069
@Gnosticforlife Covid (Rev6) and Vaccination (Rev13) crimes are part of the script of Book of Revelation, a sign that you may understand the Time Came... And Trump&Pence and Election Fraud against them (Rev11), and now about to come Son of Man from Europe (Rev12)...

About Abortions and an Ecological Disaster of Overpopulation, chiefly in Africa and Asia, see this:
Too much Life brings too much Deaths later, and God does not wish an Ecosystem Collapse just in order to preserve every last possible human-like Being being born and growing and reproducing in geometrical series...
Son of Man is not Son of God and you venerate and deify Human Beings unduly...
(So actually the Fight against Abortions is an attempt to prevent Believers from trusting someone, who will rightly rebuke them for their Pro-Life fanaticism...)

About Second Coming - in English it is even simpler than in more elaborate languages... Did you realize, that it has two possible meanings ? (Second Coming and Coming of Second...) And the other from what is usually considered is Right...


ID: 15685639
@Tertul @Gnosticforlife These are not the "End Times", but these ARE the times described in the Book of Revelation - you just collectively misunderstood it to be some kind of "End"...

End of the Time is at the Infinity... Now we are just in the Middle... Α+Σ+Ω

(About things described in the Book of Revelation I do have proofs, wait a while - few days or months - that I don't know, when Time will come to Reveal them...)
(That they were misrepresented often in the past is irrelevant... You will recognize that... If you want a preview, see my SC25 text...)


ID: 14375390
Someone recently claimed, that Bethlehem star at time when Jesus Christ was born, was a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn similar to what is coming now... It is a nonsense, there was not such conjunction around that time...

Bethlehem star was actually a placement of planets in a hexagram star, a David's or Bethlehem Star which also occurred during David's time, during Temple building and most exactly at time, when Jews were driven out to Babylon...

But that one which occurred on winter solstice 3BC, was special, it first occurred on Sun, then on Earth 7 months later... The one occurring on September 3BC with center at Sun was the only one with all planets used and none outstanding...

The planets outstanding from the "Star" configuration seem to show it's "flavor", and this one had Sun, Jupiter and Mercury - a "God's Magical King" attributes...

That is why the Mages came to ask, which "King and God" was born on this occasion. And because it was nothing directly visible on the sky, they had to come to ask Herodes first... (otherwise a star on sky would not point to a cave in Bethlehem or anywhere else, it's something like the "end of rainbow"...)

This one was very important proof of existence of God or Angels, that is why this story is there in Evangelium...
Because it includes Neptune and Pluto in it's corners, and they absolutely could not see that themselves - Someone had to tell them ! (Either to the Mages, or to the Evangelist, who has been writing about that...)
Thus it is so obvious proof of existence of Someone above the possibilities of humans of that time...


(There that what seems like a mathematical equation is rather partly a joke, partly it expresses the computer algorithm used to search for these "stars", and partly or mostly it was meant spiritually...)

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ID: 71077556
@Tertul It's just your present superstitions built upon medieval superstitions, and also because this symbol has been stained by diabolical jews (J8:44, Rev3:9) throughout medieval and modern times...

Moloch is just a mistranslation... The original reads: "You will not cause to transfer any of your seed for the King" (Lv18:21), since letters MLK mean King, and "Moloch" is just an incorrect medieval jewish superstition... (The vocals have been added there only around year 1000 AD by masorets...)

The star is also mentioned as the Star of Remphan (Acts7:43), and I'll mention here probably later, where is "Worship of Stars" mentioned in Talmud, because that is important testimony against the jews, which they've subverted by mistranslation and lying exegesis of their own books...

Otherwise - Hexagon is a Universal Symbol of Supreme Order, from aromatic molecules, through Water crystals, Bee hives and until the Aural Glory on the pole of the most perfect planet Saturn, most probably because there is an artificial magnet placed there, which stabilizes it's magnetic field to keep that disc of water crystals by stable diamagnetism... (Either your superstitions about actual Saturn are just superstitions, or it may be, that Perfection is one of attributes of Devil...? I do not know... But physically Saturn has most perfect magnetic field and it is Artificially maintained, also as a testimony of some Supreme Beings...) Your collective medieval superstitions are almost irrelevant...
That is also why Lieberals smear it, for example in recent Star Wars episode...

And the present jewish star consists of two triangles - one white pointing upward to God, one black pointing downward to Hell, and they are mixed together and can hardly be separated... (and as a part of judgement or their rebuke, it has been shown with both triangles down recently...)

Also to note, that the Biblical Israel has got nothing in common with that parched Terrorist state in Levant, it just means "Kingdom of God" and rather it pertains to Christianity, than to Jews, who refused the offer of Son of God given to them, together with most other former covenants...


ID: 28452623
@P_A_Semi Yes, moloch means king. It's not a mistranslated in the KJV, but a transliteration. Apparently, the KJV translators thought it would be confusing to translate the name of a false god into English, leading people to think that moloch is a generic reference a king. It's standard for names to not be translated in any translation.

But, more to the point, the hexagram has pagan origins and is used today exclusively as a symbol representing antichrists.

The Old Testament was very stricked about banning such things. Even making it third of the list of the Ten Commandments.

ID: 32143068
@Tertul Yes, it's transliterated...
It IS a generic reference to the "King", which they didn't want to admit...

The names are not translated, because Evil Rabbis disabled that in the Talmud, because IF the names are properly translated, it reveals the true (anti-semitic) meaning of the Bible...
All names must be translated, so that people start to understand the true meaning of the Bible... Even the parts, that looked like film-titles, long lists of meaningless names, are actually perfectly readable texts in hebrew, there is a whole another Book hidden there...

Hexagram is a Universal Symbol, which means "Order", regardless of Culture, that interprets it. It would mean Order even on some distant star not connected to this civilization, whereas most other symbols are culture-specific, like a Cross, which has a specific meaning for this Civilization...
You collectively have wrong superstitions, what represents what... (Because someone wanted to keep you in spiritual darkness...)
And no, it's not forbidden to have a Spiritual Knowledge and to understand and admit Universal Principles...

About Ten Commandments, I'm not sure, which you mean by third...
They even hidden the second commandment inside the first and then they've split the tenth into two to maintain the count...

The second commandment in Dt5:10 reads: "Do a mercy with thousands loving and guarding his commandments."
They've translated that as if God is doing mercy, but it can and should be translated as an imperative: You should have mercy...

More things are going to be restored to their proper meaning...