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While I endorse some good vaccination, I strongly condemn some current practices.

Some time ago, I accidentaly happened to share a room overnight with an iraqi man, who had active TBC. I thanked God that I am vaccinated, you don't know in advance...

While talking with the man in the morning, he tried to explain me (in french language) and then written it on the paper:
> I am innocent, I swear to God.
(We were locked in crankhouse and he was also afraid of being imprisoned or expeled, but I understood it as a symbolical testimony of whole iraqi folk, that they were injustly punished due to wrong answer to the 911 question: "who did it?")

Current autism rate is alarming.

But it is not only autism! (Many people think, that if their children is not autistic after vaccination, they are lucky and the problems do not concern them...)

When samples of population, that were and that were not vaccinated, are compared, it can be proved, that vaccination induces some chronicle diseases, while even not much protecting from their target diseases. (some of them)

Currently, media admits that 1 in 1000 children get immediate alergic (anaphylactic) reaction.

But instead, 30-40% of all children are allergic, and most allergies are caused by vaccination !
Above "Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated" study found 30x rise in Allergic rhinitis (hay fever), but many other (or rather most?!) allergies are induced by vaccinations ! Ear infections rate increases 3x, neuro-developmental disorders (including ADHD) increases 5x...
Media try to slander, that opposition to vaccines is "unscientific". No. Your, media, denial of these disastrous side-effects is unscientific.
If you do not have samples of unvaccinated healthy (without contra-indication) children that do not fear to participate in statistical study, then all your denial is mere superstition.
Of cause, the allergy is not discovered one week after vaccination shot to be reported in your adverse-effects databases. Allergy is discovered later...
Here it has been proved statistically, published in peer-reviewed journal... That is science. Your denial is superstition and abbetting in this pharmaceutical CRIME...

Assertion, that alergies including asthma come mostly from vaccination is un-burreaucratic, because this coincidence is not included in your burreaucratic tables of vaccination injuries, because alergies (for. ex. allergic rhinitis) the parents do not discover a week after the vaccination... But denying this consequence is unscientific, you cannot prove, that it is not true, and contrariwise - it was proved by a science name Statistics, that it is true...

This chart is just a time coincidence, that could be contested, but in the light of statistics mentioned above it just gives a right dimensions to that information:

(Chart from allergy study, I just added the year, when MMR vaccine was introduced... )
So do you consider 300 cases of measles per-year, a so-called "epidemy", of an illness, that is not dangerous and actually it helps immune system(!), worth hundreds-of-thousands of lifelong allergies ?!
Vaccination is a CRIME.
It helps pharmaceutical industry to profits, by inducing chronical illnesses and allergies and impairs immune system !
Establishment propaganda and draconic laws, and various medical (vaccinological) institutions are their abbetters, either from stupidity, or some of them from evil will...

It has been proven by some heroic italian lab scientists, that many vaccinations contain impurities of heavy metals, (I do understand the topic just enough to read and understand their paper/work) but their laboratory was closed and they even lost their jobs.

(Image from doubtful source.
Is it right?)
You need not believe me.
Go ask the scientists, who are not afraid of losing their jobs and careers.
It is an error, that medical science is paid by pharma industry, and so the scientists are only pharma mercenaries, and they have no (or few) other choices.

In the (financial) interest of pharma industry it is, that people are ill, but not dead, so that they buy pharma pills as much as possible, but cannot sue them due to evidenced harm...
They mis-use vaccination to induce chronical diseases into children, and statistics can prove it, if they were not corrupted by pharma mercenaries.
(This is capitalism in medicine... A profitable strategy...)

(For ex. scientist Dr. Andrew Wakefield long ago proved coincidence of autism and MMR vaccine, but they printed against him hundreds of so called "scientific" articles, all paid by pharma industry... That is not science, that is propaganda!)

Did you know, that vaccines for children are even much stronger dose, than same vaccine for adult. (am I wrong?)
That into the children they are pumping insane amount of vaccines at once.

Vaccinating pregnant women is actually a prenatal vaccination of yet unborn child. It's often even more dangerous, as was proved by Zika Lie, by microcephaly caused by vaccination, unpossibly by mosquitos.
(Sudden outbreak 9 months after vaccination started on that administrative territory which prescribed it, too vast for a gnat to fly over... Zika is harmless illness known at for least 50 years and it was never related to microcephaly, and doctors in Brazil know that... But it has perfectly shown, that if something turns wrong, vacciners and WHO foremost lie it out, and Media then just parrot their propaganda...)

I've also heard an allegation, that vaccines grown in fetal (human) tissue, which cannot be filtered out completely, may induce auto-immune reaction against own human tissue, possibly even turning white blood cells to destroy own brain as a disease. I am not sure it is true, but it does not seem illogical.
Who and how well investigated this ? If anyone, was he payed by pharma lobby ?

Alergies are auto-immune disorders. Vaccination is immune system programming.
Both rise, probably at related rates.
Not seing relation is more suspicious than surprising...
(Meanwhile it is above written more explicitly...)
Well, I am not a doctor, I am not a scientist.
Go ask someone honest enough, some scientific hero who is not afraid to make a testimony against the Pharma Giant.
I endorse you to consult this with The Health Ranger Mike Adams of Natural news, I would somehow trust his opinion on a scientist...
(Of cause he cannot be a single source and judge, science is done by comparing various results and statistical data etc...)
(I hereby endorse: ponder about The Health Ranger's arguments and judgements. Neither he is infallible, but you should not ignore him and his informed opinions. He has been very honest and well-informed already. Ponder him wisely, do not blindly obey or ignore...)
For ex. this: on vaccinating pregnant women with toxic, harmful substances confirmed present in many vaccines...
And as a worst case I've seen so far and most alarming, a professor Carol J Baker, who investigates infectious diseases and vaccinations, told that she would like to get rid of all white people.
Was it a joke? A bad joke. A very bad joke.
If an army of jewish trolls and their useful idiots tell this on twitter, it is alarming but ignorable.
If an expert says it, who has got a very real possibility in her hands to accomplish that, by inventing a race-specific disease, it is so much condemnable and dangerous...!
(They even already buyed some "Heritage"(?) DNA database (am I wrong and they did not? go to find it!), to have enough samples for this investigation to make race-specific vaccination or disease...)(Am I wrong and pharma industry is not creating custom new diseases? Are you so naive (to trust them blindly) ? Who controls that ? Is that one, who has an oversight over this medical (possible mass-weapon) development, trustworthy enough? CDC is not trustworthy much...)

MSD (Merck USA) makes probably worst vaccines. Who owns that? Hard to tell, it's anonymous...
Sanofi-Pasteur is probably not much better. Anonymous corporation, but mostly owned by L'Oréal, owned by a jewish woman (recently deceased, she was most rich woman on planet - beside aristocracy, which is not mentioned in Forbes lists), and owned by Nestlé.
All various pharmaceutical industry is owned by small group of people, their CEOs interchange between various enterprises, they recently bought all competition into mere few enterprises...
They (AstraZeneca?) also own Syngenta, which makes herbicides, which cause diabetes (by impairing intestinal microflora) and cancer!
They own Nestle, and chocolate consumption also increases diabetes...(?)
They produce vaccines, which cause allergies and chronical illnesses.
Then they will gladly sell you remedies against diabetes and allergies, making you their life-long slaves...

Some more links:
And what about disease outbreakes, alleged on low vaccination rates?
First half of 2018 sees doubling in the cases of measles found in record-breaking 2017
> The first six months of 2018 saw more than 41,000 people infected across the continent,
> resulting in 37 deaths
So there is 1 permille death rate from the infection only, it does not seem that much dangerous...?
Compare with amount of autism, in USA 1 in 58, it's 2 percent, 20 times more spoiled lifes?
Actually, compare 41,000 people with Europe population of half billion. It's one hundredth of percent infected only. (Half of those measles cases are in Ukraine ...)
IF measles vaccination was linked with autism , if would absolutely not pay out!

And a good side of vaccination:
It is probably in that, that you do not know any more, why you need them...
(Epidemics were bad...)
Vaccine (medical or spiritual - there is spiritual karma vaccination too, delivered by angels or spirits or mere happenstance as you may believe...) is a harm to the body, but this makes the body (immune system or spirit with spiritual vaccination) stronger.
But too heavy burden may actually bow the tree.
I think (not sure but convinced), that 20 years ago the vaccinations were somehow better ballanced between harm and benefit...

As I said above, I am somehow glad I was vaccinated against TBC and Tetanus etc...

While need to add, that I was ill with measles (not sure exactly, one of illnesses that is vaccinated against today) and survived and it was not that much harmful and vaccinated me naturally...

A lot of things can be proved by correlation in statistics.
If the correlation rate is good, either one thing causes the other, or they share a common other cause...
A lot of things may be shown on regionally-divided statistics and their correlation...
(For ex. in my country, the less are people educated, the less they go voting in elections... Etc etc...)
Beside time correlation, which may be unrelated, it would be more interesting to get regional correlation:

In Europe, the autism rates are much smaller still, as I believe.
(Somehow it looks, like (((someone))) is targeting (white?) Americans specifically?)
If there are not such statistics available, demand them !
Among most evil things on vaccine and illness industry is, that they demand 95%+ rates of vaccinated people, even with experimental vaccines.
> Vaccine, that does not have 20+ years of voluntary testing, is Experimental and must not be Mandatory.
so that it cannot be compared between vaccinated and unvaccinated groups...
THIS is the reason, why they push 95%+ mandatory vaccination with draconic punishments.

The argument, that unvaccinated cause illness spreading and endanger all the rest is blatant lie, because if "all the rest" is vaccinated, then the illness is not a danger to them and so are not those unvaccinated...

More precisely:

Vaccine, that does not have 20+ years of voluntary testing with comparative studies of wider population samples, from childhood to parenthood (possibly checking effects on fertility too?), is Experimental and must not be Mandatory.

There always MUST exist control samples of unaffected population.

Comparative studies (and possibly all development of vaccines and medicines) should be sponsored by state (or by insurance companies which are actually crowdsourcing), not commercially...
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Note, that searching Google for "USA autism vaccination regional", it returns mostly only refusing articles. (At least on first page... Better use other search engine...!)
Many studies of autism do not even bother mentioning vaccination at all, because otherwise they would be censored...

Using better search engine, first page of same query turned this article:
Vaccines DO Cause Autism-Undeniable Scientific Proof
with many links to other papers...

There are just too many witnesses of people, that autism in their children evolved immediately(day) after the vaccine.
The studies should focus on this: how long after vaccine did autism or it's first symptoms evolved...

But it's not only autism !
Whole immune system is affected...

Meanwhile some other guy posted these aluminum-related links into discussion:

I have not investigated them yet...
(I somehow suspect, that harm of vaccines is caused by heavy metal impurities (like mercury, thungsten, etc...) instead, not by aluminum... But I am not sure and I am not a scientist...)