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πα½ 2022-05-25
(translated from
Czech original)

Operation Z Recap

I understand, that many of you here understand that well, but also here and foremost elsewhere are many, who've let themselves be brainwashed by Western Propaganda, when they didn't understand, that those, who have been lying to them for two years about Covid, continued fluently to lie to them about Ukraine...

War on Ukraine, already ongoing for eight years, started with a Nazi coup Maidan since end of November 2013, massively supported by the West, which won February 24 2014 by escape of president Janukovych. Nazi commandos started to terrorize and murder citizens, which terrified Russian citizens of Krymea , and in the Referendum as an apex of Democracy, and according to rules of National Self-Determination they proclaimed Independence and then attachment to Russia, against Feudal claims of a distant Center about a "territorial sovereignty" of a distant government against the will of local population. They were followed by two republics of Donbass, which also declined to acknowledge the unconstitutional putsch in Kiev, and they proclaimed independence, but were not admitted to the Russian Federation at that time, and Kiev started a brutal terrorist war against them, attacking and murdering foremost the civilians, shelling residential districts, child busses, kindergardens and schools. (*a). During that war Nazis murdered over 14 thousand civilians of Donbass, including more than 500 children.

Meanwhile on Ukraine part started massive brainwashing of citizens by a total Nazism (*v!, ) and brutal harassment, murdering and lynching of Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine and of Ukrainian opposition (*v 18+), so Ukraine was filled with Concentrated Evil, Lies and Hate. These are not just excesses of few Battalions, but parades of citizens with torches chanting "death to enemies", celebrating Stepan Bandera (*v) and heiling with a Nazi slogan "Slava Ukraine" (Glory to Ukraine), instantiated from newspaper titles during Nazi occupation 1941-43 ...

Meanwhile Pentagon established and enlarged on Ukraine a network of Biological laboratories for fabrication and exploration of Bioweapons (, *v *vč), which is contested today only by utter Liars or Ignorants. Which was financed among else through Rosemont Seneca enterprise (*a) with a significant share of Hunter Biden and with a share of profits for "the big guy"... Relatives of multiple other leaders of American Bolsheviks called "Democrats" were also considerably enriching themselves (in boards of directors of oil companies), when the Ukraine became a "Money Laundering Machine"... Among else there has been ongoing collecting of Cholera around Mariupol, exploration of resistent Tuberculosis and its use in fight against citizens of Donbass... (*a)

Meanwhile on Ukraine was significantly enlarged human "meat" and bones trafficking, which they export (in trucks) to the West for transplantations (*vč, ). Now they didn't have to surreptitiously ask for consent of survivor relatives, they started to export body parts of their deceased fighters and murdered citizens of Donbas, accompliced by Israeli teams and probably also by Medecins sans Frontiers (), generating probably significant profits for German and American enterprises...

When Covid Plandemic was fading away and European countries have been pushing through their Pandemonic Laws, for averting attention they stirred significant intensification of attack of Ukraine against Donbass on February 17th 2022 (*a, ), including a plan to attack Russian Krymea, and Clown Zelensky boasted about production of Nuclear Weapons (*a), which they already de-facto started, and they've been buying drones to spread biological weapons (epidemies) against Russia...
Thereby under pressure of Russian Parliament president Putin acknowledged sovereignty of Donbass republics on 2022-02-22, and on February 24, on the anniversary of Maidan victory, Russia started offensive in order to rescue population of Donbass from the Genocide, and as a pre-emptive defense, exactly according to International Law about the protection of alies, with who you have an agreement on mutual defense.

Contrary to Iraq, where waving of fake test-tube with "Anthrax" in UN and lies about existence of non-existent WMDs was a pretext for a brutal invasion into Iraq in 2003, here there was a real development of bioweapons, including that Anthrax... And contrary to Yugoslavia, where for advocating their invastion they invented a genocide supposedly perpetrated by Serbians against Croatians, here on Ukraine there happened mass terrorist murdering of civilians bordering with genocide.

Ukraine Army despite of its large numeric supremacy retracted into the cities, where they've been using citizens as human shields, they deployed combat devices among inhabited houses, they changed schools and hospitals into military bases and have been terrorising local population, extorting and murdering them, if these tried to flee to the Russian side.

When people started to give testimonies about that (*v) on liberated territories, chiefly in Mariupol, then the Ukrainians and all Western Media unleashed preventively a massive lying counter-campaign, making up crimes of Russians and proclaiming crimes of Ukrainians as if these were done by Russians, in order to prevent publishing real testimonies.

Mass murder of Bucha citizens on April 2 (*v), because its name cognates with English "butcher", after Russian troops were withdrawn on March 30 as a good-will gesture after Istanbul negotiations. On one of videos there can be seen, how one of those "deceased" waved his hand, while they've been driving by with a camera (*v), and Western people started to cry about "crisis actors", but while this kind of fraud they often do in the West, but in Ukraine they really murder those people, but this one was injured, but not yet sufficiently dead at the time, when the camera drove by, so he did not lay there more than a day or two. Today he is most probably already deceased... They pulled up an absurd lie with satelite pictures supposedly from Maxar, claiming those deceased have been laying there supposedly for three weeks, but the corpses would look differently then. Furthermore those murdered often had white armband as a display of sympaties toward Russians, that is why the penal commando of Nazis (in operataion "Safari"?) murdered them.
An attack on civilans on the railway station in Kramatorsk by a rocket evidently shot from Ukrainian positions (*v), which they've made by a same type of rocket Tochka U, by which they've murdered over twenty people on a square in Donetsk not long before that (*č 18+) - and even the photos from the Donetsk masacre the Western media were trying to proclaim as a supposed crime of Russians (*a) ... They've been aiming at the administrative building there, where they've invited mothers and wives of deceased soldiers using fake social network messages, but the rocket has been shot down and only it's remnants fell into the square - it was meant to be a much bigger masacre originally...

Various photographs of collapsed and hit buildings, which Western televisions are broadcasting, are in reality either from Donbass, or even from the areas, controlled by Ukrainians, where Ukrainian battalions have been shooting into these civil buildings in order to blame it on Russians (*v)... Somewhere also happened a Russian liquidation of Ukrainian shooters, placed in upper levels of houses, after they've expelled original inhabitants into the cellars? If a formerly civilian building is turned into a shooting outpost, it's not a civilian building any more, but an improvised military base, and thereby a legitimate target...

Mass murder of hostages in Mariupol theatre by Azovites, similar to other cases, when Azovites in Mariupol during a retreat have blown up a house, where in the cellars over 200 civilians have been hiding () - I don't know, whether they've been rescued.

It's a giant Lie and Hate, which governs the Ukraine, and which governs here on the West, when they're fraudulently trying to blame their faults onto the opponent.

Mass murderers from the Azov battalion have been finally hiding only in the Azovstal factory, they have been shooting from there and have been shot at and isolated. They've been supposedly tring to rescue from there American and Canadian retired generals (supposedly Trevor Cadieu, Roger L. Clutier and ukrainian Olexander Sirski), which were finally in one of those shot helicopters captured probably on May 2 (), then the helicopters ceased to fly... (which is not oficially confirmed)
When even the appeal "in the name of all Jews, encircled in Azovstal" () sometimes on May 13-14 did not succeed, the rats from Azovstal started to surrender on May 16 in the morning (*a, ), beside former surrender negotiation by a radio, and so it was in the morning after that big Z was on the Sun most precise...

While Russians are bringing tens of thousands of tons of food and humanitarian aid (*v - Donbas I'm alive!, *a 20,000 tons), the West's main concern is how to export Ukrainian wheat reserves and cause there a Holodomor (famine) similarly, as Britons (and local Jewish commisars) caused there Holodomor in the year 1930, trying to blame it on Stalin later (*a), and the West is delivering there massive shipments of weapons, by which the Nazi Terrorists of Kiev Regime are murdering not only Russians, but foremost their own Civilians and civilians of Donbass. Zelensky released from criminal murderers and felons and handed them the machine guns, which we have delivered there, such as to the Tornado commando (*a, ), which has been murdering and torturing civilians on the east of Ukraine too much even compared to habits of the Ukrainian regime...
Large part of the weapons, delivered into Ukraine, is vanishing there and appearing on the black markets of Europe (*a, *a, *v, *vč), where they're selling them to Drug and Muslim Gangs, so when they'll start to shoot our policemen and civilians by these, it will be regretably a deserved Karma... (by which I'm not cheering in any way, but it is very probable, that it will end up that way...)
And because our and other European governments are perpetrating a crime of support of terrorism by that (EU decision 2002/475/JHA, Czech law 253/2008), our bolshevik prosecutor has been threatening a jail time for even verbal support of just Russians... But by those weapons supporting Kiev Terrorists they are actually murdering people, which is a crucial difference...!

I thought, that such a deep Evil and Hate, which has been raised in Ukrainian people by the Jews ruling there (), cannot be remedied, but perhaps Russians by their Love and Mercy - for example how fairly they deal with captives, or how they support civilian population, will heal them from their Hate? (Mercy is deserved by Humble ones foremost) And the Truth, by which Russians are fighting against Lies of Western Fascist Media and Governments, will perhaps heal our Regimes here on the West, when the people will finally start to comprehend, how much they've been lied to by our ruling criminals and media presstitutes (*v)?

So in this timing and circumstances it is necessary to understand, that even the LORD God expressed support for Operation Z in ultra-violet clouds of the Sun by a huge Z on 2022-05-15 around 21:00 UTC - or thus I understand it, but turned 45° right... I don't know, why turned, there are multiple possible explanations... (But most probable seems to me "Z is right"...) On the horizontally placed line there seems to be written Zelensky (perhaps rather in azbuka than in latin letters?), but it's not much clear and perhaps it's a blunder.
Such square placed on its corner has been used by God last year when writing about Washington DC, when He has been writing about "US Theft" and "Fraud"... (*a) These are among else also behind this Crisis and behind Zelensky in this Proxy War, maybe the first huge Z was meant (also) towards them?

It was followed by a bold and smaller Z a day later, supplemented by 2Z two days later, during the capitulation of Azovstal, which was happening during these few days.
Maybe related to it is also the following, when it was transformed into distinct 27, (then perhaps something as a mushroom cloud - or just 2 ?), then huge 6 or Б in azbuka or imperfect swastika? I don't understand that yet, if it is related and what should that mean?
(During last 2 years I didn't find such distinct letters Z in Solar clouds, when I've been looking, if it is a usual phenomenon, that could be random... Maybe I didn't search meticulously enough?)

And I will add to that by my limited human mind and knowledge, that in my opinion the Russians should strive to tackle the war criminal Zelensky faster, in order to spare Ukrainian people the suffering under the terror of criminal and lying Kiev regime... But maybe it's not so simple, as it could seem...?

(Images used here are available for download in better resolution...)
(The links are marked (*v) video, (*a) article, (*č) article in Czech language, and where there is 18+, then it's not suitable for children... )