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Remarks about LGBT and Feminism

My opinion about homosexuals briefly:
Let perverse feel ashamed in private and let them not spoil our children. (translation is not exact, because english does not have imperative 3rd plural and word "let" seems like a coercion, which in original is not)
Drugs should stay in Clubs and Sex in Bedroom.
For example in Russia it is correct, they don't throw homosexuals down from roofs like muslims do, but propagating it publicly, foremost in front of children, is forbidden.

State (Government) and Ecclesia (Church) should not intrude into (enter) people's bedrooms... (What they do at home is their own bussiness...)

About marriages, if they complain about burreaucratic problems without marriage, they could have some burreaucratic wedding or some surrogate as registered partnership, but church marriage, which is called "marriage sacrament", surely not, there is nothing sacred (saint) about them!

(Technical remark: I have collected the images, but did not create them, graphical editing only not changing the content, beside one exception so far, where I have cut out the offence and kept the content... My own comments (Opinions) I have limited as possible to only that, what by my opinion directly arises from these Informations...)


One thing are impressions (feelings), and other thing are statistics, where it can be seen wider (usual,normal) trends:
Source: http://www.traditioninaction.org/HotTopics/a02rStatistcs.html

So a majority, although not all, of homosexuals are strongly promiscuous, and thereby they transfer among themselves STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) in a measure greater than small, they also commit (when recounted) more crimes and suicides.
And opposite to claims by professional mercenary liars Snopes, among homosexuals there is more prevalent also a pedophilia!

Snopes: Anti-gay activists continue to push the long-disproven idea that homosexuality and pedophilia are somehow connected, despite an utter lack of scientific proof.
As the link "disproven" points to the web of known liberal feminist fanatics HuffingtonPost, I even did not read that...
(I don't believe Snopes even a little, they have shown themselves so many times as totally mendacious (lying)... And these should make judges of the Truth?)

More examples:

Here it is not a pedophile exploit of a child, but it's a spoiling by upbringing in a perverse pair...

But this was an example, where it was a pedophilia of homosexuals...

Transgender children - perverse upbringing...

I do not know, how much they are sporadic...

American college of pediatricians
Gender ideology harms children
  • Human sexuality is an objective
    biological trait, "XY" and "XX"
  • No one is born with a gender

Tyrany of the
perverse ones

Tyrany of the
perverse ones

Pedophiles in LGBT

9-yo "drag" -
deformation of children

Deformation of children

Deformation of children

Deformation of children

Todays article (czech version on Zvedavec.org), just the subtitle:

Britain’s first gender-fluid family – who sparked a national debate because son Star Cloud is being brought up as a “person” rather than a “boy” - ...

My remark: On this example it can be seen clearly - parents are perverse, it's their matter... But by their wrong upbringing they spoil the child too...

More about homosexuals:

Do you know, what "Bugchasers" are?
(It's just a pitty, that AIDS doesn't work faster...)


And of cause, for example transgender movement (as more other spoiling of civilization) was started by jews:


Feminists steal from women (and from men) the femininity of women (and partially also the masculinity of men).

I'll not comment it more...?

(But the problem are not as much these perverse bimbos, problem are foremost those in parliaments and in justice... I appologize, if someone feels offended by my rating as "perverse bimbos" of those on the left, but they are not natural and moral, so they are perverse, and by "bimbos" I consider, that they are stupid and they don't come to (understand), of what they prey (steal) themselves... As an examplary example, I have chosen some at least partially dressed, I'm not giving here examples, where are these "demonstrants" dressed much less and with inscriptions more indecent (lewd)... And certainly these both are extreme examples, and the scale in between is wide...)

Birth rate is regulated by education of women (generally by "equality"), on both sides...

(Those states, which are above and arround 4, are an ecological catastrophe, and least painful solution is probably post-haste (expeditiously) introduce to them the woman education... Worst possible solution is to absorb their surplus (overspill), of which there will be soon more than many, into other continents...)



(Ugly feminists)

(Beaver - high-quality analysis)

(some opinion)


(conservatives vs liberals)

(about pedophiles,
to be released 10.září 2001)

> In the U.S., child sexual exploitation affects as many boys and girls ...
Do you think, that small boys are raped by women, or that they sell (solicit) themselves for sex with women? I'd consider, that it is not usual...
(In the article it is not specified...)

Single mothers

If you leave out of consideration the opinions of Fathers beside this picture, and before you will feel offended, think about the statistics below the picture...
(I'll remark, that I have not crosschecked them, but they seem as probable... From personal experience I just know, that children of single mothers are much more liberal and they appear to me as less mannered (well-brought-up), and of cause too few examples personally for generalizing it, but the statistics can be generalized...)

That something arises from statistics, it means, that it is usually that way, (in this case in USA, where they maintain better statistics, but there is no reason to think, that elsewhere it is substantively different), of cause it is not that way always, surely it is possible to find many exceptions, which altough do not disprove the Trends...
(And of cause these, who end up in criminals (jail) or on drugs, are just a tip of iceberg, but about smaller problems the statistics are probably not maintained...)
(If you think these statistics are incorrect, can you please point me to some more exact...?)

Women should better think over, before they will punish their children by unballanced upbringing...
(Thus, before woman light-mindedly divorces, and that happens ever more often, she should consider, that she will hurt her children more, than it seems at first sight, because singlesided (singlegender) upbringing has not that much quality, and that they should tolerate little more her inconvenient husband, for the good of their children... Of cause such patience cannot be infinite, but should be larger, than arises from statistics of divorce rates and from these statistics of problems of children from unballanced families... Identicaly, father should consider, that if he leaves his children for upbringing by single mother, he will hurt not only the mother by inadequate burden, but also his children, because that upbringing in one (and by mother foremost) is often sub-par (shoddy)...)

As a woman you should better consider, before you divorce, if it is not lofty (proud) and unwise to regard yourself better than three quarters of women, which do not manage a good upbringing alone, (maybe you are... are you sure?), if you will manage to ballance severity with compassion, roughness with softness, etc..., because too mildly and compassionately upbrought children later have and cause problems in adulthood... (And supposedly it is not caused by poverty, which is in single family more usual, but that even enhances it...)
As a state (government) should consider, how to adequatelly orient (direct) this trend, so that divorce is not so easy and often, as it is now...

How does look government of women, was already known by Aristofanes:

Adding to this only, that last sentence, starting "It is important to note", is probably just an opinion of those, who won in wikipedia, and hardly could anyone afford to challenge that in current atmosphere...

And feminists gradually approach into the state of feminazi:

(Here the upper quote is just perfect.
The article below is awful feminazi lie...
The quote is not misogynistic,
but feminazi liars are!)

And of cause, feminism also comes foremost from jews:

And they don't even conceal their influence on obscenity:

(Porn bussiness)
Jewish Prof Says Porn is “Atavistic Hatred” Toward Gentiles
And their support for fanatic movement FEMEN:

And they don't conceal their control of majority of Media (only non-jews are not allowed to speak about that...)
(here it's absolutely without connection with feminism and LGBT)
In their own words: